Could B-L Mitchell QB in NFL?

I think a better question for a thread to ask is could Lyle stop sharing every dumb thought he has with the forum?

Who cares who could make the NFL? If you're an NFL fan then you're just another silly Canadian looking south of the border, when everything you need is right within your own borders.

Who are you to judge what topic's should be posted????
It's a good topic, it would be a huge blow to the league to lose this guy.
Or do you want another stupid expansion thread , maybe a thread a CFL video game again or a thread about the Argo's struggles in Southern Ontario ?????

I will say this again, Is Michell the best in Canada, NO! can he make it down south maybe, Bo looks good now, because he has solid blocking, and a receiving core that can catch. Take away his O line, and lets see how good he really is!! don't get me wrong, he is a good QB, but I think because of what I said, this makes him look better than he really is, bring lots of pressure, and see how good he is, with no time in the pocket!! JMO

Not to knock the point, but any QB that doesn't have a strong Oline will look avg to below avg in any league. If he has to throw within 3 seconds of every snap or has to run for his life on most plays no QB is going to look good.

As for receivers, half to more than half of the Stamps receivers are new starters this year, and they lost one of the top receivers in the league to the NFL.

I think he would have a shot.

OK. That is pretty funny. :smiley:

Reported on TSN that BLM's salary at $320K, but I would think its more along the wage you quoted.

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So who is in your opinion?

He has won at every level..........he has lost under 20 games since HIGH SCHOOL. Won A GC already and last year put up big numbers with no offensive line. So.............. he answered your question " taking his O LINE away " he was running for his life every pass play!!