Could B-L Mitchell QB in NFL?

Firstly - could any current CFL head coaches be head coaches in NFL?
None, that's an easy one!
Dickenson might have a chance in 2 or 3 years - if he runs a 3 year Grey Cup table!

As for Mitchell - there's no doubt in my mind his skill set is better than all the #3 NFL QB, probably 1/2 or more of the #2 guys and probably a handful of starters (5, maybe up to 7)

The guy is good, has a solid skill set he's smart, he's cocky but he's disciplined.

Wonder if NFL mopes will come north in the off-season, trying to sign Mitchell as a #2?

My guess is yes! At least one or two NFL mope teams! If Garrafalo leaves the Patriots at end of season - Mitchell could be a solid backup for 40 yr old Tom Brady --- and possible successor.

However, NFL execs have a strong distaste for most CFL players. Even legendary Doug Flutie couldn't get full-time work after he left to go south. Moon is ancient history - RD Brock only got into the NFL cuz his arm was stronger than all the NFL QBs of his time!

Other CFL guys who got NFL inductions:

Peter Liske (Cal)
Moon (Edm)
Brock (Wpg/Ham)
Joe Kapp (BC)
Flutie (many)

not sure if JC Watts ever got more than a cup of coffee. Neither did Faloney, Parker, Ploen Jackson, Dunigan, AC Calvillo, Little General, Clements, etc.

Only other current guy who might get a sniff is Mike Reilly but he's 30 and he's taken a ton of abuse!
Jennings is another candidate - maybe in 2 to 3 years!

Seems you forgot about Jeff Garcia.....fairly recent actually. Maybe some others even, haven't given much thought though.
As for Parker, Faloney and Ploen, they came to the CFL at a time when the money was better here than in the US. (If you don't believe me, talk to Angelo Mosca).

Sean Salisbury, an average CFL starter, somehow found work with the vikings as a average at best backup and occasional terrible starter. No idea how he found work down there? Guess it was his height.

Yep, Garcia played at quite a high level.

Highest level of any ex-CFL QB was:

  1. Moon
  2. Flutie
  3. Garcia
  4. Brock got to a Super Bowl but fizzled shortly after
  5. Liske was actually good for a slow-footed man

And yeah, the money in the CFL was better in the late 40s thru early 60s. Even legendary Bud Grant came to Canada in 1953 as a bomber end after earlier careers in NFL (Philly) and NBA. Jack Jacobs virtually built the new stadium in Winnipeg (1953) after an NFL career as a punter & DB who played a bit of QB if memory serves.

Another guy comes to mind:

Sean Salisbury - kind of a Drew Willy clone who didn't amass more than average stats but got Bombers to a cup; then went south for several cups of coffee

Whats your opinion on Bo Mitchell?

You also forgot Tommy Maddox, who couldn't make third string in Winnipeg yet was a starter for awhile with Pittsburgh!

How could you forget Joe Theismann.

Alas, I did. He'd be right up there with Moon!

Until the early 80ies actually

A better question would be how many NFL QB's could be superstars in Canada? I think a good number of them have the same issues

Don't you remember Burris turning the Bears around before he came back up north and turned around the Riders?

Hank’s NFL stint(s) could be summed up in 1 word - SHAKY

Wally Buono, the CFL's winningest coach, was born only a few km's away from Vince Lombardi's Mom's hometown and probably knows more about football than half the anal-retentive NFL coaches put together. Wally could easily coach in the NFL (and yes, he played Yankee football in college)...and probably dominate! Dickie Dee would also be a great coach in the NFL but it's unlikely he could ever be lured away from Calgary.

Virtually all the starting CFL QB's and many of the backups would be terrific in the NFL. If a QB can be successful in the CFL, the NFL would be a cake-walk, with their great pass protection, 4-downs and a tiny field. All they need is a real opportunity.

The NFL is more concerned about hand-size, height, Wonderlick scores and how far a QB can throw a long-bomb... than being a Field General, like in the CFL.

True dat brother!

If Dave Dick was 6'2" (instead of 5'10" or 5'11") he would have played several years of NFL ball - as a starter or quickly-inserted backup, no question.
Bo Mitchell tosses bombs as accurate as 90% of the NFL starters but he's only listed at 6'1" and he played at a secondary U.S. college. I'm sure there's a handful of NFL scouts urging their GMs to make a play on Mitchell and lure him off his CFL contract (as our contract now permit this)
Drew Willy appeared to have all the physical tools necessary for NFL grooming - he's over 6'4", big hands, hurls a long toss but his read-processing is rather like Drew's personality - dull & sluggish.

The only guy playing CFL ball that didn't get much of an NFL sniff is Reilly - he's a hustler and basher who can also throw an accurate ball. Too old now for NFL to re-assess.
Jon Jennings may be in the process of a full NFL re-evaluation!

Mitchell has already said he is not pursuing the NFL. He likes the lifestyle in Calgary and he likes to get to play.

He made those comments in an interview during the last off season, right before he signed for three more years with Calgary. He has a nice home in the South of Calgary. His new wife is pregnant with their first child and in my dealings with Bo (limited such as they are), I have been impressed with his "maturity" in his decision making (not so much in his impromptu interviews).

Looking at the Stampeder Organization;

Huffnagel - GM has brought his son into the organization. He and his wife have established themselves in the community with a "year round" home and so has no motivation for leaving the organization.

Dickensen - HC his family is entrenched in the community. His wife has an excellent job with a large firm in the city. His children are in the school system and have established "roots" in the community. He has publicly stated that "his family sacrificed for him when he was a player and now it is my turn." DD is not going anywhere, unless his entire family is convinced (and I doubt that will happen).

I bring this up, because it seems like BLM is following in those footsteps. He has an excellent job ($450k/year last I heard, not including his sponsorships and whatever his off hours job is (not sure that he even has one, but someone recently said he was an accountant)) and is presently establishing roots in the community. He has often indicated that Calgary reminded him in some ways of Texas and he feels at home here.

I know that "money talks", but BLM is on record saying multiple times that he enjoys the CFL game and Calgary in particular, so I doubt he will ever QB in the NFL.

Could he ... I think he could. I'm not convinced he will be given a fair chance or even that he wants to.


I'm pretty sure BLM could play in the NFL, because he is a deity. I heard this on TSN so I know it's true. As a deity, he is all-powerful and could do pretty much anything he wants.

Look at his win loss record since college. Nobody is even close to his winning % and has a championship, not sure what your cranky about ?

BLM would have a shot. Not that I want the NFL to start cherry picking the top CFL QB’s.

He is young enought to be looked at.

Looking at the mess down in the NFL, he could start on at least a quarter of the teams. Its actually quite sad how many avg QB’s in the NFL are starters.
As for back up, he would easily out perform 80% of them in the NFL. Can’t believe how bad the NFL is at developing QB’s. If you don’t come out of college ready to play, few teams down there seem to know how to coach up a QB’s skills.

Always figured that’s why Tate stuck around, waiting for BLM to take a shot down south.

SHAKY is being kind when you look at the Humble one's career NFL stat sheet. :stuck_out_tongue: :thdn: comp % 35.3/ QBR 28.4
Here's the link........believe me, it ain't pretty !!!

[url=] ... areerstats[/url]

Who says I'm cranky? I said he is a god. There is no higher compliment that I'm aware of.

I suppose if I had a choice, I'd prefer to hear other commentary during Calgary games in addition to the exaltation of BLM's godly status.

A couple more I can think of beside Theismann, would be Erik Kramer former Calgary QB who went on to play 8 seasons in the NFL. Many of them as a starter.
Sam "the rifle" Echeverry left Montreal after they tried to trade him to Hamilton and started for the St. Louis Cardinals even though he had a sore shoulder and was passed his prime.
Tobin Rote left the NFL for three seasons with the Argos and than went back to the Chargers for several years.