Could an Arena Football team fit in with OSEG RedBlacks

There are often a lot of Canadian players who could use a spring league to play in. the OSEG has the rights to running the Arena and the stadium at Landsdowne park.
A position that usually takes a CIS Canadian Receiver a few years to get up to speed with the pro game is Receiver. It is also a position in the Arena league that gets alot of action.
Another position where there are virtually no Canadian players is at the DB spots with the exception of safety.
The Redbalcks could be in the perfect position to use the Arena Football league as a trining ground for some of thes such players and have them under contract with their organization as a whole.
Also there are many imports that are coming out of the Arena League these days. Some of the RedBlacks Neg list players who may be headed to the Arena league could make it by way of Ottawa where the REDBLACKS can get a good look at them in live action during the spring.
Many 5th year CIS players can sign with a CFL team in Januray but need to wait until mini camp in Florida or training camp for the CFL teams to get a look at. Arena Football training camp starts in february meaning they could get some of these guys in a live pro training camp months before many other prospects.
They already have a football scouting department and training facilities as well as being in charge of the arena so the front office costs would be streamlined.
A nice mix of young Canadian prospects as well as some neg and possible neg import players who would be heading to the AFL anyway

I'd like to see something like a Canadian Arena league and would give it a look-see. Toronto's AFL team failed, but there might be other cities that would/could support it

Toronto probably would be the worst place for an Arena team. Already very crowded downtown that the Argos have problems.
OSEG set up makes them a suitable set up for an Arena Team. Running the Arena and Stadium owning 3 of the 4 teams using the veneus. OSEG is not just creating CFL NASL or OHL fans but Ottawa sports fans in supporting all Ottawa teams playing in the multi activity redevolpment in which they also own.
The 67s ties with RogersTV Ottawa will lend itself to adding a network in which to televise an Arena team as well as adding to the 67's, REDBLACKS, and Fury contract with TSN radio Ottawa. The Labbats/Bud agreement also would benefit from the extension of another franchise playing more games at the Arena as well as merchandise at the OSEG store.

Buddy, you can forget about Arena Football coming to Ottawa. The Civic Centre (now part of TD Place) can't host it. The ceiling is sloped and too low on one end and the ice surface dimensions just don't allow a field to fit in. I mentioned this to Jeff Hunt a couple of years back and he just isn't interested in it right now. He's got enough on his plate with Lansdowne Park, The 67s, the REDBLACKS and the FURY.

You can also forget about it going to Canadian Tire Centre. The Florida Bobcats plated the NJ Red Dawgs in 1997 and of the 7500 people who showed, 4000 of those tickets were comps. People aren't willing to drive to Kanata to watch Arena football.

And as for the Bob Guertin Arena in Hull, the ceiling is way way to low to have arena football there (even though The Tampa Bay Storm and Albany NY Firebirds played an exhibition game there in 1992). On many kickoffs and FG attempts, the ball kept hitting the ceiling.

Before you come up with these wild notions, maybe its a good idea to check out the venues first.

Actually I did eMail OSEG and they gave me the same answer you had that there are going to be other possibilities in the future but right now they are sticking with what they have. The return EMail did noth mention any thing about the venue not beign able to house an Arena team.
This was just a thought for the future nothing more nothing less.

That's because it was just their polite way of saying "Noted and thank you".

BC Lions and the spokane Shock have had a nice workinf relationship.
Just wondering when a possible CFL ownership group in the right situation to own their own team where they can make it an extension of their CFL roster and give them the ability to see the players on neg list and Canadian players on the field playing.
Often team like to have players hang around town with no space for them on a roster somewhere.
The Arena League solves that problem with teams required to provide housing for the players.
It just so happens that one of the OSEG group specializes in developing and housing properties.
Anyway to get an edge especially for those teams who can afford extra players but not permitted do to the Cap.

Minto is not in the business of building homes to house players. They are in the business of building homes to sell. They have done so for decades and decades but really focus now more on commercial real estate because the housing economy here has levelled off. Once again, they're not interested in Arena football at this time so I'm not sure why you keep bringing this up.

Sometimes it is fun to take a peek into the future and see what could be. Why do you even care.
CFL franchises and their multi S&E ownership groups that will be making some $$$ and will always be looking for an edge to lock as much talent into their organization as possible. Last season the Riders had starters sitting on the 9 game IR to create depth and get around the salary cap. Everyone thought that the Riders for sure would be way over the cap but did not stop to think about ways around it while still paying players