Could Alexander be the next newest argo?

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Apparently he's been released, do you think he'll follow the lead of so many other former NFL players to the argos or perhaps land on another team in the NFL?

no, he is still better than alot of teams starting backs, i will name a few teams that could use him
-San Diego
-san Francisco
-St. Louis
-Tampa Bay

  • NYJ
  • cincinatti
  • Houston
  • Denver

A former NFL MVP? I seriously doubt he will have to wait long for a phone call. He may not be a number one back at this point, but some NFL team is going to take a flyer on him for depth purposes (with a lower salary since his market value has clearly diminished).

Oski Wee Wee,

I could see ending up with Lions.
That Free them up to draft a T or DE in the draft.

I'm assuming your speaking of the Detroit Lions, not BC. I thought maybe he may end up in KC since Priest has officially called it a career as a back-up.

I wasn't aware LT, Cadillac Williams, and Ronnie Brown were bad backs.

Didn't LT lead the league in yards or something last season?

Didn't know Frank Gore and Steven Jackson were bad backs too.

Some of these Teams need 2 RB.
They Use a 2 RB System
That what Colts Did when they Won the Superbowl.
SD Has Always Is Two Back But Lost Michale Turner To ATL.

Thank you Onknight. Also Steven Jackson's Contract is up after this season.

Alexander isn't quick enough for the CFL, you might as well go for a Canadian fullback type who has similar weight.

The guy runs a 4-5 40, he's faster than half the backs in this league. He was released because the contract was based on his mvp year production, he was decent last year but in their eyes not good enough to be earning 10 mil a year. It's that simple the guy is still a tremendous back who hasn't lost a step and can still start for at least 25 nfl teams.

Ten, perhaps. 25? Not sure of that arithmetic. Alexander could be a rotation-worthy back (with the right cap number) for at least 20 if he enters a camp good to go. Not top-tier anymore IMHO, but eminently serviceable as a second RB/short yardage/goal line guy. Too many miles on the tread (read injuries) to have the phone ring off the hook pre-draft week. He will land on his feet and hopefully get his ring in the right situation.

Oski Wee Wee,

Alexander will find work with another NFL team.

Detroit - maybe
San Diego - Why they have LT and drafted a guy
San Francisco - Frank Gore, Deshaun Foster, Michael Robinson no way they need him
Miami - doubt it
Tampa Bay -
Dallas - Now way Marion barber and Felix Jones
NYJ - Maybe
Cincinatti - Very good possibility he grew up around there
Houston - highly unlikely
Denver - Shanahan's ego may want to try him out