Could a team win the Grey Cup with an all Canadian lineup?

Just wondering about this. My guess is probably not. The following from the Canadian Encyclopedia online piqued by interest in this:

In an effort to stem the influx of American "imports," the CRU sought to impose a residence rule. It soon became obvious, however, that the member clubs and leagues were not as adamant. The Grey Cup was gaining prestige and acceptance with the public. With the end of WWII and the resumption of the various leagues, the 1946 CRU meeting stipulated that each team could play with 5 American imports. Some teams, notably the Toronto Argonauts, preferred to play with an all-Canadian lineup. The Argos did so until 1950 and in the process won 3 consecutive Grey Cup championships under coach Teddy Morris (1945, 1946 and 1947).

No - not even if you could pick the best Canadians from across the league. You still have no QB, and the secondary and LB corps would be weak.

Trying to run a "regular" team as all-Canadian, where the other teams get to keep the Canadians they have - they might not win a game.

If you took all the best Canadians from the rest of the league and duplicated them to form an all-Canadian team and executed a run-first offense, team Canada might have a chance at winning a game here or there. Its a QB driven league and we simply don't have any homegrown QBs that can play at this level. We'd still be weak in the defensive backfield and you'd have to hope Jesse Lumsden was healthy.

Why aren’t there any Canadian QBs…?

The QB position is exempt from the ratio ( 20 NI, 19 Imports and 3 QBs ). A Canadian QB provides absolutely no advantage.

There are how many CIS teams? And how many NCAA teams?

Ratio rules aside, are Canadian QBs just not as talented…? Or is it really just a ratio thing?

If there are 8 teams in the CIS, and 32? 48? in the NCAA. The import QBs see more competition, and there's more of them. That means that the QB matures and progresses a lot better in the US environment.

Combined with the ratio, it's difficult for any Canadian QB to make the league, unless he's a Canadian-born QB that works his way through the US high-school and college programs. He'd have to be good enough to play anywhere, but not turn to the NFL, or become the "NFL-reject" that looks north.

There just aren't as many to choose from. There are 100s of NCAA Division I and II schools and 27 CIS schools. Sure there are Canadians in the NCAA but I doubt there are any more than a couple currently with meaningful playing time at he QB position.

Hmm, makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up, guys. Always wondered about it.

You can numberize it all you want but I don't see any evidence that a Canadian qb or two could not be an elite Russ Jackson type of qb in the CFL. None are ever given a real chance, they are discriminated agains't for various reasons. So we don't see Canadians being worked with. Was Russ Jackson that much of an anomaly? I don't think so, very gifted, yes, but not like gifted so out of proportion to what he was able to accomplish.

No offense to Michael Bishop, he has a lot of raw talent, but there are many Canadian qb's I think who have enough smarts to be as good as this guy is, make up some lack of physical skills with his smarts. But they aren't given the chance. A Russ Jackson of today would not even be given an opportunity, a real opportunity that is.

The biggest question marks for me are QB, DB and CB. IMO you could put together a pretty good team with just Canadians and 6 imports.

But it seems to me that it wasn’t long ago that Canadian All-Stars were all O-linemen and slots.

Now there are All-Star WR’s and D-linemen too.
Of course he’s prone to injury, but when healthy Lumsden is a monster RB.
Sanchez has been an All-Star DB.

The quality of Canadian players in the CFL has improved a lot in the last 15 or 20 years. IMO if you ask this question in another 10 years, the only question mark will be QB.

I think so. As Dirty Harry once said and this isn't exact quote, "how's a man supposed to get any experience if you don't give him a chance to get any?" I realize what people are saying about the NCAA, but its been done before. I mean a half canadian team beat an all american team in 94, and vice versa in 95. You can argue that they aren't NFL players, but i'd argue that NFL players usually aren't built for the Canadian game, you need smaller quicker players in the CFL generally, and in the NFL you need bigger guys for the short yardage, and skinnier fields. Even kickers are different because of the hashmarks, people don't like to say Lui Passaiglia is the best kicker of all time even though he leads in points and other catagories but he was kicking from much wider hashmarks when people never took that into consideration when saying the goalposts are closer, it almost evens out, and I think is much harder to kick short yardage in the CFL than in the NFL, and even longer distances if you're way off to the left or to the right.

I mean look at Paris Jackson and Jason Clermont, there's a lot of guys up and coming. Our talents getting back to the days of yore in the 40's and 50's. I say with a good year under his belt in the CFL and training on CFL fields in CIS a Canadian QB could become better than an American or at least as good as (as everyone is different individually) an American NCAA QB at Canadian Rules in the near future, or if he's ever "given the chance".