Could a team of Canadians compete?

When the CFL says that "This is OUR league", who are they referring to? If the rules weren't written as such, would Canadians still have a place in the CFL? It is sometimes considered a universal truth that imports are more valuable, but are they? Most importantly, could a team comprised of only Canadians compete in the CFL? These are some of the questions being considered through the course of an ongoing project over at

Would love to see a team comprised solely of Canadians exist in the CFL. That would be very neat.

It would be an interesting concept for sure.

However I don't think a team would have the depth to compete a full season.

After the brief US expansion showed at least to me, a team that could field a team of all imports (internaltional now) would just have so much more resources for overall tallent.

Sadly I don't think team Canada would fare well but would be fun to wacth for a game or 2 :slight_smile:

The only team that dominated in the US expansion era was the Baltimore club, that was well coached!

A team comprised of just Canadians would do well if they all were CFL starters or had at least 2 years CFL experience, A team of Canadian rookies would do well against Import rookies, but not Import CFL vets.

The QB position would be the biggest issue, we have nothing close to a pro Canadian QB . Also depth in all positions would be another problem. We would not have the speed at the receiver position and same goes with our DB'S. We have some decent players but not near enough.

Maybe a team with all-Canadian starters (QBs excepted) could make a go of it, but it would be VERY TOUGH to succeed.

This is true, after all the talk of the US base teams walking away with wins after wins, the only team that did well was Baltimore and that was because they selected CFL type players and coaches. although the CFL is a different game and requires a different style/Type of player then their NFL counterparts at certain positions, thoses American CFL teams were fielding NFL caliber roster. The NFL could start 4 new teams right now and have no issue finding NFL talent (other then QB perhaps) There is thousands of thousands NFL worthy players out there right now, driving for UPS. In both the CFL and NFL you have only perhaps 2300 pro spots.

Though true Baltimore was the class of the US team era. I just took a look at the 1995 season and head to head records (per wiki team by team but it's a start)

US based (and all import rosters) were 31-20 in head to head againts Canadian based clubs. Add in the Stallions 2 playoff wins incl. GC puts them 33-20

Baltimore being the cream of the crop was 8-2, leaving the rest of the teams 23 - 18 which factors in 2 Expansion teams.

So I just don't see the depth in an all Canadian roster especially with the US based teams would be with those with CFL experience but would love to see the match up play out!

Probably be too expensive. I believe veteran Canadian starters are among the highest paid players in the league … especially if they're, say, starting left tackles.


Even more there's no reason to have a "Team Canada" team. It's not like there are any world tournaments out there for football (gridiron) to prep for.

Coincidentally, judging from this World Cup, one league where this idea is badly needed and could work is a "Team England" in the Premier League.

Sure there are. Both junior and senior.

Canada's junior team plays Kuwait today in that tournament. Should be a close one. :wink:


answer to op question - about as well as Brazil did today

Whew! Squeaker!

They get a tougher challenge next in...huh...France. :expressionless:

LOL - yes,
why do we continually have these stupid debates? last week the question was could a CFL team playing CFL rules beat an NFL team. hypothetical debates..........zzzzzzzzzzz

Ya same old excuses, We don't have a QB, :oops: :cry:

If we don't try we wont improve :cowboy:

which leads to the real need to solve the National(non import) deficit at QB position at the pro level!

I believe the '49 Argos were the last All-Canadian team to win the Cup. The east fought long and hard to keep Americans out of Canadian football. But in the west, they'd been augmenting their lineups with American stars since the 1930's, causing several western teams to forfeit playing in the Grey Cup when the CRFU banned their best players from competing. :expressionless:

Giving them a spot after their cis career is over just for the sake of it will solve zero problems. It needs to start way before the kids even reach the CIS level .Our kids are so far behind by the time they reach the CIS , they will never catch up. Our development is simply not good enough in high school and before that. Another issue is kids choose, hockey, soccer and Baseball before football.

There's no QB to start but in a pinch you could start Sinopoli who didn't exactly look terrible at QB in his limited chances before being moved to receiver. Add a backfield of Cornish and Harris plus a collection of some of the receivers from around the league, I think offensively they could be competitive. Where a roster of only Canadians would falter would be on D. You could fill up the Dline, there's a couple good to capable MLBs, and a few good safeties. There's just not enough talent at the outside LB, corner, and HB spots on D though.