Could a CFL QB gone south for NFL playoffs?

Watching the Cardinals v. Panthers I couldn't help but think the Cards were on a suicide mission with such a poor QB. It got me to thinking, could the Cardinals have signed a CFL QB to their roster? I guess it would depend on the QBs contract with their CFL team?

Nope.. CFL contracts do not expire until after the Super Bowl.

Yeah they couldn't do it now but with all of the bad QB's now in the NFL. I don't think it is a matter of the Qbs not having the ability but rather how the NFL is now going about it way too much now. Almost every QB, if not every, that are drafted in the first round are either handed the starting job or at some point during the season become the starter.
There are a very very very select few who can do it. For every Andrew Luck there are zoo many RD3's out there. It is getting to the point where even 2, 3, 4 round QBs are being played when not eve close to being ready. Most end up in the scrap heep very quickly.
Players are able to begin pro careers earlier so even physical wise they are not ready to play. Johnny Mnaziel had no business starting a game no matter how bad the Browns may be.
Regardless of all that, there are a couple of CFL starters now that can actually play in the NFL. I have said from the beginning that.

Bo Levi Mitchel will get some serious NFL attention and not just holding a clip board. He has played at DI level at SMU. Aftter a crowded QB spot he dropped to IAA (FCS) Where he was great. Not getting drafted by the NFL he basically passed over the rookie FA mini camp thing and signed with the Stamps. Being that he did not redshirt as a freshman, go to a 5th year Prep HS, or have to sit out after transerfing from FBS to FCS. The Stamps did not rush him in the line up. he was groomed being he was a true young rookie. A couple of former DI QBs in Huf and Dickenson.
When he does become a FA he will be in his mid 20's. He will have sat and learned the speed of the pro game over the college. Plus he will have had some real starting game time. Any QB coming from college has to get up to the speed of the defenses. Especially the Rush Ends and the cover DBs.
Aside from a few of the elite in the NFL, The Rush Ends and cover DBS there is not that much different from the average NFL starter or package rotation player he would see. They are all coming from the same College conferences and many many have spent some very successful time in the NFL

Mike Reilly is another. walked on at Wahington ST and redshirted as a freshman. Also tarsnferring down to DII where he started four years and was one of the top QBS. Undrafted spent one year in the NFL bouncing from PR to 53, Then a couple of futures contracts the next season joins the Lions early in 2010 on the PR. 2011 moved to 3rd, and 2012 top back up. He has got the prototype size and arm. he really jumped up this season. He did run but also has learned to stay in the pocket more, Gothrough progressions, scrabble to avoid sacks while keeping his eyes downfield to pass.