Cotton Released

It's not just a cash thing. I tied Cotton for sacks last year. We both had zero.

it's all about the $$$$$$$$

Say what you want about Josue, but in the brief instances where he was on the field last season he impressed the hell out of me.

Good call. Remember, Montford was a linebacker when he first came here until Sudsy converted him to a DE.

All the "shocking dismissals" and Ron stays, now thats shocking. :roll:

Back to Josue not being a prime candidate for DE. Thats what he played in College and that what be played for the Packers, as well as OLB. i say stick him in at MLB

Well said rocky123. Desjardins warned us of changes, and if Cotton is one of those, then so be it. With Collier, Cheatwood and Wayne we'll be OK.

If there is one consolation for players released by CFL teams in early January, it is that they still have time to try to catch on with a team in the Arena Football League or possibly NFL Europe (now officially known as NFL Europa). If those options do not materialize, then they have plenty of time to sign on with another CFL team.