Cotton Released

There's a thing on the front page saying they have released James Cotton. This is probaly because of his salary, and do we have a younger DE to replace him??

The job now belongs to Anthony Collier :thup:

But who is making decisions of this nature regarding the release of James Cotton ... their is no DC hired as far as I know :?

Barring more signings (which are a given) we need to hope Cheatwood's knee is good enough that he can play.

Cotton had an off year to say the least, but he was injured too.

I'm sorry to see him go, but with a 4-14 team we need to expect more moves like this.

Ya cotton definatly had an off year. To put it simple. Injury plagued and poor results. Cya. Would have been more entertaining with Montford in his position.

I'm very sorry to see him go. I wish him all the best. The poor results just might have had something to do with the fact that he played with his hand casted, but that's just my novice opinion. He is a class act all the way. I won't comment on the Montford thing since this is a James Cotton thread.

I Think i might need a new name!

haha me too
Barrenchea is on his way out i think
Too bad tho about Cotton
He got the job done when we needed, just had a bad year with no sacks (probably because of the cast)

Man, a guy sucks it up and plays with a broken hand and this is the thanks he gets? The team could’ve at least invited him to camp to try and win a job. I can’t imagine that he was a big ticket guy that had to be dropped due to the SMS cap.

An Argo fan

I think his release had more to do with the fact that the team didn't generate a viable pass rush at any point during the season, and less to do with being injured. And he is a veteran player, probably making above average money on a miserable team. So his release shouldn't be a huge shock.

The Tiger-Cats can't afford to be sentimental these days. Maybe after a few Grey Cup wins ...

Besides him being a veteran, I don't think he is just looking for a camp invitation anyways, I am sure someone will pick him up at some point.

If you think he is so great, why don't you tell the Argos to pick him up! :wink:

Collier is younger, cheaper, healthier, and, when compared to Cotton right now, more explosive off the end, in my opinion.

If you didn't produce at your position last year, whatever the reason, you should be gone. That's how championship teams are made. Don't keep dead weight...get rid of it. Montreal cuts guys with productive histories the minute they don't produce. That's the way to do it. Good job, Desjardins.

And I'm sure the Ticats have guys in their sights who they will bring in to replace Cotton and Devonte Peterson (free agent in Februrary) for depth purposes. Maybe one of last year's top picks, Jermaine Reid, has told Desjardins he will be in training camp. Maybe Desjardins is planning on taking a great young DL with one of our two 1st round picks in the 2007 draft. Maybe Desjardins already has his eye on a free agent DL who the Cats can sign in February. I'm sure there is a plan in place.

The team could've at least invited him to camp to try and win a job.

Why if he wasn't in the plans for whatever reasons, that would not be the best thing to do IMHO.

I wish James all the best.

He is a class act on and off the field.

Hopefully, he will catch on with another team.

He is only 30.

Well Said Ron
James is Classy Guy
Funny Smart The type Guy you want in the Lockerroom
This had to be Cap move..
I hope Toronto Dose not Sign Him.

Or Maas Will pay Price on Games Day Vs Toronto.

Good Lucky James Will miss you
I was Huge Fan and Always Will be..a James Cotton Fan

Desjardins said on CH tonight that potential replacements for Cotton (a cap/poor production casualty) are Steve Josue and David Dixon.

Josue at DE wouldn't make any sense. He couldn't beat Cotton out during training camp in 2006, so why replace Cotton with him now?

Dixon, however, is an intriguing choice. He is a MLB. I guess the Ticats are seriously looking at Zeke Moreno to take the MLB position. Dixon has great speed and has the very muscular look of a young Joe Montford. A DE star is born?

I'm with those who refer to James Cotton as a class act. If his injury heals and he gets rid of the cast, he could come back to haunt us.

We shouldn't really be surprized at this cut and others to come. Dejardins has already warned the fans that to pick the team up, there would be a lot of shocking dismissals and hirings.

I am a James Cotton fan, but realize that the team cannot stick with the status quo, so do your thing Mr. Dejardins.

Well Said rocky123 :thup: :thup:

This now makes rooms for Eric England to sign and play defensive end.


I'm very sad to see him go, but I understand changes need to happen. I wish James all the best, he is a class act all the way and I will miss watching him play and seeing his amazing smile.

I think Rocky 123 has the right idea, and we must trust management to make their own tough choices..

My very best to James Cotton, a great guy and a great DE, and I expect that somebody else will be picking him up, as he's a victim of the cash crunch, by seniority alone