Cotton Playing Tonight?

Guys I looked in the paper and on this site Is Cotton still out with the injury? how long?

Word is Cotton is playing with a cast (praise Jesus and all that's holy) :slight_smile:

Good news!!

Let just hope he dose Make it worse..
James has become a Leader on our D..

Joe who?

Joe Who

Riiiiiight !!!!!!

Anyways it is a done deal. Disappointment reigns supreme.

I have mixed emotions about Cotton playing. He does add a big name to the line-up but as a DE he needs to use his hands to get around people, go through people and to sack people. Immobilize your one thumb (tuck it into your palm) and try to drink your coffee. Now imagine trying to sack a QB at this level. I don't think that there is that much novocane on hand to ignore what is still only a two week old thumb fracture.

I pray I am wrong.

The cast becomes a club. Mike Philbrick played a number of games at DT with a cast on. It seemed to work for him. Besides - we don't know the severity of the fracture. Damon Allan was filmed tossing a football with a pin in his middle finger. I'm SURE Cotton can play with his forearm in a cast.