cotton out, cheat questionable,joe willing to take a paycut

todays spec
now cheat has a knee sprain but hopeful. dunbrack and fatafehi also banged up. demetious walker prob start with collier activated.
article on montford would said he'd play for 80 thou half his salary to retire a ticat . didnt want to move family to sask.but katz opted for a younger collier.

cotton prob out a month,broken left thumb.collier tied for 3rd in cfl sacks last year with 12.

Last week I would not have said this .

I agree Bring him Home :slight_smile:

he wants to stay in area and not sask because of his daughters medical needs (hearing impaired).
the 2nd time he played here back from the argos he took a paycut then.

steve josue also brought back today.

:rockin: They want a sell out every game , Joe would help get that done he is a fan favorite and could help this team bigtime :thup: BRING IN SOME LEADERSHIP and a sparkplug for our D #53 IS YOUR MAN

If Walker and Collier can't get to Calvillo on Saturday, Montford will be a Ticat by Monday, guaranteed.

Fans won't stand for the team not bringing Joe back if we clearly need his skills, he's better than what we have, he is willing to play for less $, and he wants to be here.

Jow has done so much for this team and this community. He can still make a difference both on the field and in the stands. BRING HIM BACK!

regardless of what a lot of people say that he lost a step,etc.i personally thought he was pretty good wth the eskies in their grey cup run last season.

Seems like the club considered the alternatives and decided to go for Collier and/or Josue. Josue was quite good in camp, Collier is a top level player in this league. I don’t have a problem with the decision.

i wasnt big on joe back until now. for 80 grand you're know what you're getting with joe.

I would love to see Joe back but I am not paid to be a pro football coach. Maybe the coaches know something we don’t Maybe Joe has lost a step or two. We have to put our faith in the coaching staff.

i agree though, regardless i was a huge fan of joe's and when he left i was devistated, but i dont see bringing him back as a life savour we can do without, but if after saturday they guys we brought in cant get it done.. Im all for Joe back in black.

hes only askin 80 gran, k nvm ignore all my other posts that were negatives, BRING HIM BACK, jesus ill pay 40 of it to him, so we can get him for Half that! haha jk... bob dont get any ideas..

but will he be willing to QUIETLY take a back seat again once Cotton comes back from injury?

if so, maybe i dont mind so much anymore... i still think this week Collier is the better move.

Mr Katz,

I am with what seems to be the majority. Bring #53 back home to play NOW and retire as a TigerCat. He has offered to take a substantial paycut to return and as of right now we need his services and experience with Cheatwood and Cotton out of action.

He was still instrumental in helping Edmonton win the Cup last year and could be a benefit this year to us. He still has gas in his tank and in reading the article in the Spec this morning has tons of desire.

In an earlier post (I believe on the old website) the thought was put forward as to how having Montford, Cheatwood & Cotton being able to sub in and out for one another would keep our Sack attack that much fresher.

If I remember correctly the reason, we the fans were given, as the reason for the trade last year was that he would not sign a new contract. He is now willing to do so at reduced rate just to keep playing. The things that he said in leaving can easily be forgiven when you think of his shock disappointment in being traded.

The biggest part of playing sports whether it be amateur or professional is HEART and DESIRE. I don't think that anyone would disagree that he has both of those qualities in abundance plus a relentless skill to play a very tough position. Look at all of his statistics over the past couple of years and as much as he may be 35 he is still doing it, and doing it well.

After sitting through 1-17 and 0-8 last year, I am not impressed in anyway shape or form of letting people of a lesser calibre take over the DE spots when Joe is available.


I don't know about everyone else but I am getting tired of the deleted threads and locked threads !!!! This isn't 1984 Mr Orwell !!!!

give it a rest, there were two other options given to post in (as there were ALREADY two other threads available for this topic.) K.W. provided links to both at the bottom of the locked thread.

Find something intelligible to whine about...

(like the price of beer for instance... THAT i'm all for :thup: )

Never mind the whine statement. I am not a quick or fast typist and in the last 4-5 days I have typed up about 3-4 posts only to have it come back and say that the thread has been deleted or locked when it has been sent to be post.

Where beer is concerned, I hope it goes higher than it is at the Skydome. Elasticity of demand states that as the price goes up demand goes down. But beacuse the cost of the beer (and the level of carbonation from what some say) stays flat they should make more or the same money by selling less. Just think at $20 for a beer they would only have to sell 1 instead of 4 or 5. Their labour costs would go down too. If the beer is all you are here and at the game for you are welcome to it flat out (of the spigot).

Have a good day :>))

ya... i dont really drink at games, so...

but if i wanted to... i'd be outraged! lol

(and i sympathize with the typing thing though... completely understand....)