Costly point

Have to wait for the game to be availabe on demand at to watch this play again.

IIRC, it was Edmonton's 21st point. Prefontaine punts the ball into the end zone, the Hamiltom returner draws in a coverage guy, picks up the ball, no yards and therefore no point.

Wait a minute, the ref runs in, with the flag in his hand no less, doens't throw the flag. No flag, Eskies get the point.

Did anyone else notice that?

Got to see that again to make sure I saw it right the first time.

I think you're probably right that, for some reason, the official decided not to call it. But, the Cats would likely have declined the penalty and given up the point for the sake of field position.

I agree, at that time in the game it was worth 35 yards to give up the point.

watching again i dont think it was no yards.