Costabile: 4 storylines to watch in Week 6

Week 6 is on the horizon and there are plenty of interesting things to keep an eye on this week in all four matchups.

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A win on Thursday night by Montreal almost locks up a first place finish in the east. People say I’m crazy for predicting this so early in the season but unless the Als end up with several major injuries they are pulling away and have no major competition in the east other than Toronto

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I think the only black swan event could be the return of Chad Kelly in three games. He brings swagger and might be the catalyst to get the team moving. If Dukes can keep the Argos competitive, it just might be enough. All they have to do is win the eastern semi final; and it’s a long season.

Out of all 21 games played, 14 games won where the team has more rushing yards. Only 4 games won where the rushing yards are less and the different is more than 20 yards.
So, in 2024 - defense is taking/stealing games with strong hands. But run game can counter that.