Cost of water!

My husband and I were so excited to receive tickets to last Friday night's game. We do not get many opportunities to attend games anymore as we are seniors on a fixed income.

When we arrived at the gate we were searched and had to turn over our bottle of water. I decided to just go and replace it at a concession. The cost was $3.25/bottle ... more than I paid for a case last week. That seems like a huge mark up for WATER!


plenty of posts here not only bout the poor service but the price gouging. not to mention the full body searches. i bought my son a bottle of pepsi for 3.75.I paid 2. for 6 bottles at price chopper.00

someone mentioned that the atm fee was 6.00 bucks. that's crazy if true

I was going to buy somthing to eat from the consessions but didnt have any money so i thought about goin to the atm. luckly i didnt thats crazy. I proubly wouldnt of even read the screen when it told me how much because its usuaily $2 and i just accept that. If i had of done that i would of been pissed

its two or three bucks to use the ATMs at IWS.

more or less the same as other private ATMs. (once the bank fees are included i suppose it gets closer to $6.00 but the fees themselves aren't that much.)

8) Would it not be easier to just go to the bank or another ATM machine outside to get the money you need before you come to the game???? That sounds like a pretty easy solution to me !!!!!