Cost of Super Bowl Tickets

Want another great reason to love the CFL, the average fan can afford to purchase tickets to go to the Grey Cup. Check out these prices for tickets to this year's Super Bowl. Upper Upper level end zone seats: $2,130 each. 50-yard line tickets: $13,800. Center "Loge" seats: $19,000. 400 level, 32 person suite: $420,000. Average fans can no longer afford to go to the Super Bowl to cheer on their favorite teams. At these prices, its only the millionaires and corporate Bigwigs going to the game. The NFL must pull in close to a BILLION dollars on this game when you consider ticket prices, TV revenue and everything else. Amazing.

O yea, the SB is definitely a corporate affair in terms of people actually attending and for sure WVCFLFan we are forunate in many respects that this is not the case here in Canada where the more average fan is able to attend the GC.

Who cares.

Maybe not you... but others do.

OP, thanks for posting. I've been to a couple SuperBowls and 20+ Grey Cups. From a party standpoint GC wins hands down.

From a party standpoint GC wins hands down.

An old friend of mine, haven't seen him in years and someone who follows the NFL more than the CFL, made the same observation from going to a couple of each.

So every year at this time we get a "let's knock the Super Bowl" I guess it makes some CFL fans feel better.

Can't wait for the comments after the Super Bowl TV ratings in Canada are published. The "usual suspects" will cry about twice as many Canadians watched the Super Bowl because CTV didn't put the Grey Cup on CTV or the fact that the Grey Cup had competition on TV etc
Why can't you just enjoy both events and be happy that the CFL and the Grey Cup get great ratings. Why is it always about knocking the NFL and the Super Bowl and then doing these comparisons.

By the way, 1.5 million Canadians watched the quarter final NFL playoffs two weeks ago, which is roughly the same size audience that watched the CFL playoffs. Isn't it great that Canadians love football? CFL or NFL?

Isn't it great that Canadians love football? CFL or NFL?

Completely agree mike. :thup: Even if the CFL didn't exist, I'd be concerned about NFL ratings compared especially with MLB ratings. Baseball is overrated as a game IMHO from so many standpoints and I want to see more youngsters get involved with football regardless what pro leagues they watch or what pro leagues exist.

Just wondering if those are the face value prices for the tickets or the ticket broker/scalper prices. I seem to remember that Grey Cup tickets were being sold for a couple of grand this season. Not as much as the SB but still a marked increase.

Yes that's great how Canadians, some in vast numbers enjoy both versions.
There is nothing wrong with that.
However, there is also nothing wrong with me and others saying who gives a rats rectum about the NFL.
Also, there is also nothing wrong with me putting down the NFL without others stating well here we go again.
This is clearly a CFL site with allegiance for most of us being primary to our mother country and the great CFL sport that it is.
Without having to say oh yes let's now share time during the off season with the NFL?
If others as some do love or tolerate the competition, surely you can go during this period of time to those sites affiliated with same.

[b]mikem wrote:[/b] The "usual suspects" will cry about twice as many Canadians watched the Super Bowl...
Wrong Mikie, twice as many Canadians don't watch the SB than the Grey Cup, in fact the audiences are very close.

We should remember that CTV, Rogers, CityTV, TSN2, CBS, FOX all broadcast NFL games on Grey Cup Sunday but the CFL beats all the NFL games combined 10 to 1. The Feb. SB has no CFL competition so the ratings are slightly higher than the Grey Cup which is up against the NFL, NHL, NBA, Golf, Tennis and other games which shutdown during the SB.

The CFL is also No. 1 in southern Ontario with over 2.6 million Torontonians watching the 100th Grey Cup, much more than watched the SB.

Yeah, people like Mike, love to misreprents the facts, like double the Canadians will watch the SB, which of course is not the case. You need to look at the last 10 years, to really get the facts ,on who watches what ,and look at all the data, not just the ones that support your view. Going back over the last 10 years, the GC beat the SB and sometimes the SB won over the GC. You also have to look at other factors, like how the GC has competition during the airing of the GC ,with other sports, and how the GC can not even be viewed by 6 million in this country , even if they wanted to watch it at home. These are facts ,that you just can't dismiss, cause it hurt your opinion

We should remember that CTV, Rogers, CityTV, TSN2, CBS, FOX all broadcast NFL games on Grey Cup Sunday

Very much worth repeating Xvys and not something you will read in any newspaper article I'm sure.

Now that being said, I do think the emphasis should be on not getting down on NFL numbers. What I'd like people to really concentrate on is that MLB only has one team in Canada and unlikely to ever have another one. Baseball stadiums are not getting built in Canada as a spectator sport along the lines of stadiums in the CFL range, or MLS range for that matter. This is one reason why you are going to see newspapers like the Globe and anything Rogers owns market the heck out of the Jays as there isn't anything after that and the baseball guru's in Canada are very afraid, as well they should be, that the Jays stay in business. All the best to the Jays but it's really tough to see them as a national entity when that's all there is on Canadian soil as far as teams go. With little chance of another.

I read a report a few weeks ago how Rogers has lost a boatload on the Jays, reported in excess of $300 million.
I say it looks good on these crooks and keep losing money, just like the failed Bills crap.
So it's only a matter of time before this dog and pony show leaves town as well.

As much as I would like to see that happen, Rogers is going to be in the Blue Jay business for a lot of years yet. With $5B dollars in profit from revenues of $12B dollars, $330M in losses in over how many years is not a heck of a lot. You spend money to make money and that is the way Rogers looks at it. Rogers is not into baseball because they love the game, but because the Jays are important for their sports networks. Without the Blue Jays, Sportsnet is nothing.

Ted Rogers admitted (in Macleans, which Rogers owns) that he lost $300,000,000 on the Blue Jays from 2000 to 2008 and that's after cutting the payroll. It was reported the Jays were losing $50,000,000 a year when Rogers bought them. With the recent spike in payroll the Jays will likely lose much more than that this year. The Jays also admitted they were lying about their attendance for years, when they were claiming 20,000 in attendance while anyone could see there were less than 10,000 in the building. The Jays admonished reporters who made comments about their lack of fans or poor attendance, requesting they ignore the topic, which they all did.

Rogers employees were not so generous with the Argos, with Damien Cox claiming during Grey Cup week the Argos averaged only 13,000 fans in 2012. Brunt added the Argos should be looking for a new place to play as they're planting grass at Skydome. "One Bills game a year is OK but not 8 Argo games. They're OK for next year but after that all bets are off".

The Blue Jays ARE Sportsnet for the most part during the summer months especially when hockey isn't on.

But as I've said, if they aren't going to buy the Argos, I really hope Rogers does say no Argo games at their stadium. It will force whoever owns the Argos to see what they really want or can do with the team in Toronto and that will be good rather than the constant chirping about how the RC isn't working for the team etc. And Braley knows the score on what is happening or what will happen there so there won't be any surprises to him, just how it's reported in the media. Of course the question would also be, should the Argos vacate the RC, what about Grey Cups there?

Financing a new stadium comprises more than just compulsory subjugation Earl.

First off, who is paying for such a facility? Municipality involvement is doubtful. (Especially after the recent allocation of public funds for BMO)
Secondly, few owners possess $200+ million in capital for construction of a stadium, (especially for a seldom used football specific venue) nor would risk such a venture.
Thirdly, land acquisition, permits, zoning, bylaws, legislative approval etc etc etc are required preceding the aforementioned preconditions.

Unless Toronto is awarded International Athletics sanctioned Games in the near future, with dual level bureaucratic involvement, I cannot see how this can be reconciled.

True enough tangle, no idea either.

You read that the Jays lost $300 Million? but again you don't have a link?
How could it be possible to lose so much money when they average 25,000 a game over 80 PLUS games a season at over $50 a ticket, plus the TV contract, plus the advertisers. Advertising with the Jays is huge money.

Sorry but unless you provide a link I don't believe it.

It's like when the Star reported that the Argos were scrambling to give away Grey Cup tickets the day before the Grey Cup.
Rumours and more rumours.

By the way, the NFL playoffs in Canada were watched by 2 million Canadians last week. The CFL playoffs 1.6 million
At least I provided a link and not just "a rumour" or "I read it"

[url=] ... lTop30.pdf[/url]

CFL payoffs:

[url=] ... 122012.pdf[/url]

Here is the proof the jays lost over 300 million, and everyone knows the bills series lost their shirt !!
jays have 10$ tickets, and give away thousands of tickets to each game, if it wasn't for the cable part of it the jays would be like the expos, GONE !!

Pro sports also appeared on Rogers’s radar, despite the fact that Rogers himself wasn’t a sports fan. He bought the Toronto Blue Jays in 2000 and later the SkyDome stadium where they played, renaming it the Rogers Centre. Again, it was despite the better judgment of some board members and close advisers. Though the team continued to be a massive money-loser—roughly $300 million in losses by 2008—he would later explain it was about more than the bottom line. “Don’t get me wrong: $300 million is a lot of money,? Rogers stated. “But I take a broader view. We would have paid the same money just for the equivalent branding opportunity.? Ownership of the stadium also opened the door to a five-year, US$78-million deal in 2008 to bring the NFL Buffalo Bills to play eight games in Toronto.

[url=] ... ed-rogers/[/url]