Cost of Season Tickets vs. the $99 Deal

Hey I hope this doesn't pizz off any Gades Fans but...

I paid $1300 for my pair and the parking pass yet I had to kick someone out of my seats (CC 6 rows from field) when I arrived 45 minutes to kick off. Then others tried to continually sit around me during the game.

Yet I ask security, they advise that they can't check everyone...

Yet they stand outside of the can and watch that our beers don't go in with us. What kind of crap is this???

I think Lonny is ignoring a real problem here. They have concentrated so hard on getting the upper Southside and ends of the north filled with the $99 seats yet I counted at least 20 seats open around me in a 20-foot radius. And they were this way also on Jul 1st.

And then when we (the 4400 season ticket owners) who renewed even before the Glieb's signed back on, all we get is "you're getting a better seat for the game" from the office. I renewed my seats in Jan '05 yet the Gades have done nothing for me except raise the price of a beer by 50 cents and now they just hand you a can... I guess a can is better as they could never find anyone who could pour a beer right. If you can call a 15% discount on Gades gear at Sports Expert incentive to continue to spend $1300 at year they better think again.

And what about the “Executive Club�??? You need to be a Northsider to take advantage of that place.

I guess I am one of the dumb fans that will renew whatever happens. Heck I won't fall off the cart cause I'm the guy driving it.

If someone reading this thread knows how to get it to the Glibermans, I request that you do...

All in all... Gades are showing up... and I am happy about that... I can't wait until Thursday... I hope that Greg Marshall has analyzed the Bomber/Eski game and tunes the D-line to drill Ricky-Ray continuously into the ground keeping Edmonton scoring down.

All I got to say now is “move-da-sticks�

My main problem, being a season ticket holder and all in section DD, is that our speakers don't work and haven't worked in about 2-3 years. We've called to complain about it, but the problem hasn't been fixed yet.

Yeah I can see JJ people moving into KK if those are available...

I guess people will take advantage until KK is full.

My complaint, although much smaller just like GADES is the sound and the speakers... Brutal.

My other complaint is why the hell does that dude always sing "Sweet Caroline" @ half time???? Once on Canada day and now yesterday?

It's pretty bad when the dog race gets more applause then the looser who sings in a Renegade suit... (he got booed off the field!)


Must be a friend of Lonnie's cause he sure wasn't around before.
Perhaps he should try another song

Wow, you guys get dogs too !!!!!Sounds like you guys have some valid complaints.....Glieberguys....are you listening...The best thing to happen in Wpg was the football club runs the may think that was a given but It used to be run by an arms length Department of the city of winnipeg called Winnipeg that was a circus.....

$1300 for a pair of seasons to the gades?????? holy crap...
$1000 is the tops you're gonna pay for a pair of mid-field Lions seasons.... and the Lions have a REAL chance at getting to the Grey Cup..

hey moved da sticks -
I confirmed with the Gades in Feb. before the $99 deal and renewed my GG seats (which they had claimed were to be phased out) for about $800 for the pair. They had taped a piece of paper to our seats "reserved for season ticket holders" for the Canada day game - of course it rained and the paper came off!
Then the exact same thing happened to us on Saturday. Folks were in our seats. We asked them to leave. After showing our "real" tickets they did, but the folks in the front row had to get security, and after this security lady barely comprehending the situation (probably barely understood the language, if you know what I mean) finally convinced the people to move over.
For the folks who actually paid full price this is unbelievable!
They should be a better way - I'm called the gades now to explain...

We really got the shaft. For committing to the team, we get screwed. 15% off on overpriced crap blows. If they don't reduce our prices for next year, I'm getting something cheaper....
I love the team but this deal sucks...

I've been saying for 2 yrs they should scrap those lame on field promotions during time outs. That all changed last Saturday when at the end of the 3rd quarter, the on field contestants were annouced as "Ron & Jeremy." Most of our section roared with laughter, we even got a 'hedgehog' chant going. Looking forward to tomorrow's game.

I used to be a Rough Riders season ticket holder and frankly do not see any advantage of owning season tickets except that you have the same seat every game. I buy game day tickets now. Instead of giving you 15% off of Gades gear at Sports Experts they should be cutting concession prices and beer prices and giving season ticket holders a 15% discount on beer/drinks/food instead. One thing I really hate is when the security guard doesn’t let you in because you have a couple of cans of Canada Dry ginger ale in you back pack. It happened to me last game. If concession prices were more reasonable, I would make a point of buying stuff and beer at the game to support the team. I refuse to pay $6.50 for a can of Canadian and 8.50 for a cup of draught. These prices are nuts. If it was cheaper, people would buy more. Before the Gleibermen, were here the first time around, concessions used to be very reasonable with Capital Foods, beer was $4.50, hot dogs were $2.50. Glieberman brought in Ogden and the concession prices have been high ever since. So, I just refuse to buy anything except for my ticket. Lonie! ARE YOU LISTENING ? :twisted:

Are you sure its the owners who controls the beer prices?

Since the city owns the stadium, is it not them, through the concession company?

You would think if Lonie had any say in the matter, prices would be a lot lower!!

I just assumed that the team would be controlling the concession prices, but then again, I shouldn't be assuming anything when it comes to the City of Ottawa and it's sports-hating City Councillors who charge us a $3.00 surcharge to enjoy a property that we already own and that our tax money built and supports. :x

Yeah, we better be getting something out of that "stadium surcharge".

You wouldn't be mentioning the legendary Ron Jeremy would you... I think I've seen some of his training films.

[quoteOne thing I really hate is when the security guard doesn't let you in because you have a couple of cans of Canada Dry ginger ale in you back pack. :
Did anyone find it funny last night... The guards were checking on the way out too.

Dumb... think about it... Yeah right... I'm going to load up on $6 beer to leave when I can by a 2-4 for the price of 6... Are they this stupid?

Even a boot-legger is cheaper...

Sure am! That's what made it so funny. Either that the contestants used these names as a joke or that that really was their names & the event staff were smart enough to list them as Ron & Jeremy & not Jeremy & Ron.

Did anyone find it funny last night... The guards were checking on the way out too.

Dumb... think about it... Yeah right... I'm going to load up on $6 beer to leave when I can by a 2-4 for the price of 6... Are they this stupid?

Even a boot-legger is cheaper...
I noticed that also. Maybe they think people are stealing pieces of the Stadium? We do the tailgate before the game & at halftime to save on the $6 beers.

Good idea. Where do you tailgate ? In the FCS parking lot ?

Yes, right along the fence near the southside. They don't mind as long as we don't make a mess & pour the beer into a plastic cup so it is not as obvious.

Did you say you go out at halftime?

a, I didn't think security let you out again and b, how many beers can you possibly down in this short span (seat to tailgate and back to seat) all before the second half kickoff.

Maybe the staff aren't porn fans. Seriously, sounds like a lot of problems you have are the same as we had at Canad Inns Stadium when it was Winnipeg Stadium and run by the City of Winnipeg. The prices have gone up somewhat but at least the profits go to the club instead of city revenue, now. For any team to survive in any sport, they need to have control of their building and consessions. Government should just stay out of the sports game other than at the amature level.