Cory Sheets MOP

Cory Sheets will be this years Most Outstanding Player. You heard it here first.

Kory Sheets****

While I will admitt this guy will be our starting Running Back this year. I can't remember in the near past when a QB did not win MOP. This guy will be something special though. Only 27 years old. :cowboy:

He has skill...lets see him play a regular season game before dubbing him the next big deal. That would be nice to see a league leader at RB with the club again though.

I just want him on the starting 46. I'll worry about the MOP later in the year.

I agree he’s a keeper.

The Riders would be stupid not to start this guy. Over 10 yards per carry in both games, and close to 15 yards per carry in the last game.

We shall see, I have a feeling he wont start game 1