Cory Sheets Career Over.

Charles Roberts career finished at 29 with an achilies injury.... Sheets is done too. amazing how fast it can end in football. I think how fast careeres end now. The likes of Fred Reed and Chad Simpson. You are an alstar or an MOP in the GreyCup like Sheets..and then basicly over night you become unemployable

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The Achilles is a tough injury to come back from and as a RB very tough but not impossible. In Roberts case, his career was already winding down and he never looked after his body and was to lazy to even attempt rehab. Hope Sheets beats the odds .

It is difficult enough to rebound from one Achilles tear, although near impossible to rebound from two such injuries which Sheets has now suffered.

a great back while here, but unfortunately his playing days are likely over.

good luck to him in his future endeavors.

It really depends on the tear. I had a 3/4 tear and bounced back pretty quickly, while I know guys who had next to nothing and will never walk the same. The fact he was on his feet suggests that this might be something he can recover well from.

NFL aspirations over...likely. Football playing portion of his career over...I'm not sold....not yet.

No, I had a complete rupture, as in they had to dig my tendon out of my calf and reattach it to my heel. If you rehab properly you will be fine to walk and play rec league sports , eventually. Pro, running back is a different story.

Kory actually tore his other Achilles tendon when he was a member of the Miami Dolphins. Judging by his Grey cup performance last November I think he knows how to rehab this injury.

Man, that sucks. :frowning:

They said the same thing about Rob Bagg…

  1. It’s Kory Sheets. If you’re going to proclaim someone’s career is over, at least spell their name correctly.

  2. He’s already come back from this injury before, and had a couple of pretty good seasons in the CFL, there’s no reason that it can’t be done again.

like I said, no injury is the, not all heal equally.

30 years ago this was career it is not.

Make no mistake this is a tough injury, but lots of guys have recovered from it.

Real shame for Kory at this time though.

Really too bad for Sheets. God luck with his recovery.