Cory Holmes

Is there any particular reason why they are letting go of him? I think its a bad move, I mean his rushing yards were nice the past few games, and he scored a turnover touchdown in the First of Edmonton @ Hamilton.

Or is it his call to move?

From what I understand, Corey wants a ton of money, as marquee player status.

Can't say he's wrong entirely, he's one of the very best in the League at too many positions, and we have probably disappointed him in not playing him as well as we could have done.

On the other hand, the rumoured $200K salary demand is pretty outrageous, given next year's salary cap, unless "supporting industry" should pay him off, on the side, as was done with Danny Mac, in order to bulk up his salary. Any team paying those kind of bucks should be forensically auditted by the League.

So if we cannot retain him, and he demands to go this route, its best we trade him for whatever we can get in return.

Very sad, I believe we fans loved him, and would have been proud to have him suit up with us full time....but some days, thats the way the piggy bakes...

Isn't this the same problem we had with Davis? Only no one thought he was worth the money...