Cory Greenwood

I wondered if bringing him in late last year wasn’t more about seeing what he had left and whether he might fit into the 2019 team.

Apparently Huf must have liked what he saw.

Not saying he will replace Singleton and some will question his ability to stay healthy but a quality signing imo. Can’t imagine him being overly expensive, it will be interesting to see how this turns out.

Speaks volumes as to being a smart general manager and maybe the reason why Calgary has been the team to beat in recent years.

Not a Stamps fan but I do like this move.

Greenwood last week, Sherritt hired as a LB coach today. Slow and steady. No big splash.

Sherritt is still only 30, played 18 games last year and finished top 5 in tackles behind some pretty big names. HHHMMmm.

Could be a handy guy to have around.

…McManis re-ups for two years to replace Thurman (Bears) in the Will LB spot…was a top performer on ST last year, sounds pumped to finally get a chance to play D full-time…