Cory Greenwood

Hope Jim Barker can make a deal now with Cory Greenwood. Seeing he would have been going into his fifth year down south Greenwood can be replaced by a cheaper first year LB. He could still have a good career in the CFL if he so desires. Trouble is now the Argos have Shea Emry to play the middle. He won't come for the minimum now so Barker will have to decide how to make things work under the SMS. Maybe he trades Greenwood if he can get a first round pick. Ottawa would probably love to have him.

An Article in yesterday's Sun inferred that the Argo's might be looking at a 34 defense at times if they can sign Greewood.
Emry hasn't exactly set the defense on fire this year so far from his MLB position in the 43 defense. So a line backing core of Horton, Greewood, Emry and hopefully Marcus Ball would give them a good starting line up. Even if Ball isn't back there are others capable, such as Moulton, but just not as good as Ball. The OLB's such as Horton and again hopefully Ball might give them a better pass rush then they are getting right now. Except for newcomer Okpalaungo the pass rush hasn't amounted to much IMO.

He could very well have some great trade value as a Canadian LB. Spending his career in the NFL as a long snapper does not have the were and tear of playing LB in the NFL. Still the Argos could certainly use both he and Emery and pay both and be able to use both effectiviely together, packaged differently, or in a rotation situation. BC is paying both BigHill and Elimian both all Star MLB and imports. With the modern schemes the Will and Mike LB spots are not much different while the SAM LB is realy a Dime DB to cover SB's in 5 receiver sets.

It appears there are a few Canadian players cut by the NFL who do not want to play in the CFL.

Being Canadian gives him that better option of playing in the CFL. For him he played 3 seasons for the Chiefs as Long snapper. Spent his 4th season on the Lions IR. Now in his 5th pro season he is still waiting for a call. With the NFL not even at the halfway point like many NFL players with similar time in their NFL career would likely wait out this season to see if someone needs a long snapper in a pinch do to an injury or poor performance.
Likely next season if he does not get another NFL shot he would look at his options. Whether to continue his career in the CFL or move on past football.
At 30 next season and being a LB by trade could still command a good salary

Greenwood appeared to get plenty of time on special teams and was in for a few plays on defense. He looks like he can play.

I dont think it should come as a big surprise that he can play. I guess the question was is he healthy. Where he did spend time on IRs the last couple of NFL seasons.
It looks like it may have just been that his time is up in the NFL. long snapper has always been important but nowadays every pro team CFL or NFL has a specific roster spot for a Long snapper.
He really is no different than many Imports in that if you get an NFL shot you take it as far as you can. With the NFL growing to 32 teams now for awhile in new cities like Charlotte and Jacksonville, as well as replacing moved teams with expansion bringing NFL back to Houston and Clevland. Bigger rosters now as well as evolving the Practice roster from an old Taxi squad to a full blown institution with some decent pay.
The recent raising the Training camp rosters to 90. Not just US college football schools are scouting in Canada but the NFL has added the CIS to be a full blown scouting.
A lot of that has to do with the improvement of the level of play in the CIS. Although not every school has raised their level and funding of football there are several clubs in every conference that have taken the CIS to a whole new level.
In the Q the inception of Laval leading to Sherbrooke and Montreal, giving the mostly French Speaking population football has exploded.
OUA as well with Western, Guelph, MAC funding the programs much better with first class facilities.

Is there a source for him being a long snapper in the NFL? To the best of my knowledge he played special teams for the Chiefs but was never a LS.

That was news to me as well, but maybe he was working on that part of game to prolong his stay in the NFL.

Sorry about that. It is very hard to find any stats on how many games or times he did actually do the Long snapping. His rookie season I was able to find that he started the season on the roster as a 3rd team LB and the third LS.
All articles about Greenwood spcifically speak of his edge in making a roster post his Chiefs Contract running out and him becoming a free agent.
2011 appear's to have been his best season in the NFL among the top of the Chiefs with 15 special teams tackles and some time on defense.
I am not looking to split hairs here. He was a great teams player and his ability to Long Snap in articles concerning him making the Lions of Detroit roster

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Just and example of how an article that has his long snapping skills as a big plus for making the team

For the record, as far as I know he did not actually long-snap in any of the 48 NFL games he played.

RR has looked average most of the season. And the biggest game of the year and no big plays.

Its Cory Greenwood time finally this year. The MLB job is his to lose. Took a few years, but he has probably learned a lot and made some extra coin playing in the NFL. Look forward to seeing if he can be the next Mike O'Shea for the Argos.

With Greenwood starting at LB, Foley at DE and Gabriel at S we are in really good shape for Canadian starters. I like the depth we have too in the Black brothers, Herbet, Yurichuk, Tonye-Tonye and Miles (who may be a start himself).

Canadian starters and depth is really coming together on both sides of the ball.

Don't leave out Cleyon Laing at DT. Who along with Foley sets up two starting Nationals that will secure a D line rotation.
Could give the Argo's an option of having 3 ratio spots on defense

You are right I forgot about Laing. Hope he can keep his head on straight.

Is there a rule in the CFL that a Canadian starter has to be backed up by a Canadian as well? or something like that.

There is no rule which states that a back up player in which a National player may be starting as part of the official mandatory 7 National starting spots.
Once the coaches idendify to the officials the how many of the mandatory 7 will be on offense and how many will be on defense. I use the word mandatory because many times teams will start 8 or sometimes even 9.
Toronto for example i beleive went with 5 spots on offense and 2 on defense so as long as there were 5 at least 5 National players on the field at all times and 2 on defense their position did not matter.
As well Toronto often had 8 or even 9 National players starting.
Sometimes 6 on offense with 4 on the Oline and 2 rec.
Defense up to 3 at times with S and MLB and possibily a National D Lineman.
You still here coaches use the term we are going to make such and such position a Canadian position in which they often will have a specific Canadian back up at said position.
The game of football has evolved now where there are D Line rotations as wel as different package groupings
Offense is no different with a 5 receiver set, A TE or Double TE set etc.
With players now being more versatile to able to play a couple diferent positions
The terminology and muct have a back up to a Canadian Starter goes back to a time were there was one basic set on O and one on D and the same 12 players were on the field the entire time unless there was an injury.