Cory Greenwood

Wrong forum, I know, but thought crossed my mind.

Cory Greenwood sounds like he wound up signing with the KC Chiefs anyways despite his pre-draft comments on how he was going to decline the Chiefs and concentrate on a CFL career. I’m willing to bet he was offered up a small (for NFL that is) signing bonus to come and give it a shot with them, after the draft. After this little miscommunication, Toronto just got downgraded in their top selections for the 2010 draft, hard to lay fault there though. I thought Greenwood was pretty clear about his intentions. Odds are though, he’ll still wind up there after he gets cut from the Chiefs.

I guess where I’m going with this is that we could have just as easily ended up with Greenwood, and therefore dodged that bullet (somewhat). Not saying anyone could have predicted this, but good job on the Riders with the draft picks. Sisco got a camp contract with the Colts, good luck to him there. But at least Sisco was always clear about his intentions. I mean he was in their camp on draft weekend.

Sheesh, I wish there was something better to discuss than this, but any port in a boring storm i guess… :wink:

Now if Taman would sign that backup QB already…we could debate something!

i think the Riders knew something was up, probably why they didn't draft him.