Cory Greenwood released by DET Lions.

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This could be huge for the Argos linebacking core if all his options are exhausted in the NFL.

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He still won’t be coming to the CFL anytime soon. He’s three games away from an NFL pension, so he’ll exhaust all opportunities to catch on with an NFL club.

That is exactly what will happen. He has been getting paid very well so he will not be stressing for a Salary unless he is one of those idiots.
He also has become a very highly thought long snapper so at any time during the rest of training camp or during the season the other 31 teams who may not be happy with their long snapper or an injury should occur he will be on the top of a short list of experienced long snappers. That,s how he ended up in Detroit.
This puts him actually in a very good situation to be signed by another team for a short term or season basis.
If he was a rotational front 7 player his NFL career would most likely for sure be over after his second release from 1st his original team who had him on board under his rookie contract and Detroit release now.
It could take the rest of this season and next years NFL training camp before he even thinks of the CFL as an option

Doubt any of that actually happens. Looks like he was injured and is having surgery on his shoulder.

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Greenwood will have shoulder surgery, and likely will end up on injured reserve with the Lions, ending his 2013 season.

I doubt he would make much of an impact in the CFL.

Its possible after he leaerned the game. But these guys aren't a lock in the CFL more than half the time. Some guys do some guys don't.

Well that is much different then. He was not released but waived/injured and will spend the season getting paid on the Lions IR.
I don't know how that affects his status in obtaining his NFL pension because he is still under contract with the Lions but on the IR and not the roster.

Considering he played his football in CIS, I think he already understands "the game." Unfortunately it's a moot point until/if he gets healthy and actually signs with the Argos.