CORY for BUCK straight up?? ?

Any thoughts on this trade??

Dickenson just got a concussion in the BC-Montreal game. He seems to be constantly fighting the injury bug. There's no chance BC gets rid of Buck when Dickenson can barely stay healthy.

as much as I want cory in BC, no way to giving up buck.

No way would BC give up Buck; not with Dickenson as fragile as he is. He takes a big hit, he goes out with one of his concussions for a few weeks and BC is nothing without Buck in relief. They'll be a mediocre team fast losing every game that Dickenson is out for.

I think the Ticats should stick with Maas as the starter. He will make good things happen when we get a real offensive co-ordinator next year.

I was looking at the rosters of Calgary, Saskatchewan, BC and Edmonton to see who we may ask for in exchange for Holmes in a trade. I came up with the following two "best possible trade" possibilities:

If we trade Holmes to Calgary, we should ask for:
-John Grace (import all star LB, not starting in Calgary any more)
-Miguel Robede (Canadian DE; he was the first overall pick in the draft two years back)

If we trade Holmes to BC, we should ask for:
-either Paris Jackson, straight up, one for one (he's a tall, fast, dependable Canadian receiver), or
-Valli (a first year OL; he was a high draft pickthis year), and either R.Foley or J. Pottinger (both first year LB's, both were also very high draft picks this past year). All three are Canadian.

I don't think Saskatchewan or Edmonton have the ability to compete with the two above-mentioned teams in a trade with Hamilton for Holmes. The Riders and Eskimos don't seem to have as much depth as the Stamps or Lions.

What we might ask for is one thing, what the other teams would offer in return after they finish laughing is something else.

By most people's accounts on this site, Corey Holmes is going to leave the team at the end of the year as a free agent anyway, and we will get nothing at all in return. Other teams know this, and will feel less pressed to give us top players in trade.

Holmes is injured at present, and doubtful for the rest of the season (though of course this could be a roster move injury more than a real one), and this limits his ability to contribute to a playoff contender's hopes this season. So teams won't want to part with a lot now for a doubtful contribution to their playoff drives.

Speculation on this site suggests he wants $200k per year to sign. Few teams will be willing to pay that, so what would be the point in trading a top player for him now, to get a guy (Corey) who is hurt, is a free agent, and who you may not be able to sign for next year at all?

I suspect we won't get much in trade, and won't be surprised if we don't move him this season.

Teams will give up quality "depth" players to get a guy like Holmes in order to give them a push to win a Grey Cup NOW. Wait until the trade goes down and you'll see.

I say we go for a GOOD proven quality canadian Tackle. Move Smith back to guard, Hage over to LG and Hudsson back to Centre where he belongs. Felice and and Donnelly as backups/TES and let the games begin.
Pottinger would be good too