Cory Chamblin to be named new DC in Toronto

Wow what is Popp and Trestman thinking?

I know more of CFL news but still this is a real head scratcher to me . I mean I have seen nothing that shows Cory is even an average DC let along one to bring into a situation like this.

All I can say is I feel sorry for the Argos. Oh and the players may want to tell their wives, girlfriends to stay away from the games. :wink:

Chamblin is going to have to work miracles because he's going to be starting 2 or 3 Canadians on that defense and he's going to have to teach a ton of rookies. On a Trestman team the money and ratio will be heavily skewed towards the offense. Too bad the old curmudgeon Stubler wants out, he's a much better "teacher" and that's what Trestman needs.

There is a real shortage of quality defensive coordinators in the league right now. At least for next season Montreal and Ottawa will have a big edge on that side of the ball in the East.

Much truth on what is said above. For myself, I could see all Eastern teams finishing a GIVEN SEASON at .500 and better as soon as next season.

waiting this late to start the whole hiring process doesn't help. I am wondering if Copeland is on his way out after this mess as it sounds like he may have been largely worked around to get the hiring done.

Excellente observation.

Je me demande aussi ce que Chamblin apporterait de plus que ce qu'on a déjà vu de lui. De la seconde qu'il a chassé Ritchie Hall, sa défensive s'est effondrée. Et on ne peut pas dire qu'il avait fait des miracles à Hamilton non plus. Il faut tout de même remarquer que Trestman a rarement fait de bonnes embauches du côté de la défensive après la constitution de ses entraîneurs de 2008. J'aurais pensé voir Anwar Stewart se retrouver à Toronto, mais je suppose que c'est le coordonnateur de la défensive qui aura le dernier mot. Honnêtement, je me demande s'il ne ferait pas mieux que Chamblin pour ce poste. Anwar est une excellente tête de football.

If Chamblin accepts a coaching position, does that mean the Riders do not have to pay his final year owing?

I understand the the Riders have to pay him for 2017. Is this true?

Is there a common process followed or is this negotiated individually for each coach?

Just curious if he comes of the books.

Those are all good questions but I don't know the answers. Nevertheless it is interesting to see Chamblin back in the CFL as well as Popp & Trestman reunited. The intrigues and goings-on in this league NEVER fails to fascinate!

Too late for that. Him and Taman have been paid out all ready.

Lol funny but too close to the truth for comfort

Picture from the BOG in Arizona last week :slight_smile:

Looks like it'll be official

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I personally always thought Chamblin was terribly over-rated, and from everything I saw with the Riders… very ineffective. :cowboy:

Ce pourquoi je suis très heureux de cette embauche par Trestman. Je suis cependant surpris que Popp l'ait endossée.

they can have him, now lets send Jones there with him!!