Cory Chamblin relieved of HC duties

Argos relieve Corey Chamblin of head coach duties

Took way too long, it was long overdo and should have been made after our last disastrous game of the season.
Unless O’Shea has changed his mind to leave the Peg, looks like Ryan Dinwiddie may be the replacement.
But, I do find it curious how O’Shea has not been announced yet?



Could still be kept on as DC ?? ???

There is a salary cap to consider.

I doubt that he remains as DC. He already walked away from that position before being inextricably hired back as a HC.

Yeah…hard to track the dead money here. Or how it’s actually tabulated.

I think they owe Chamblin for one more year and Popp for one more as well. Trestman will be off as he went to XFL.

Perhaps ARGOS held an option on Popp and Chamblin. I’m not sure but it could be close to $800,000-1 Mil.

Does it still count if its paid out in a lump sum?


Look for Arbuckle to follow Dinwiddie

I like this got no attention beforehand at all. Not even a rumour.

Chapedelaine will likely be gone too. So we’ll still have DC, OC and QBC to fill in unless Dinwiddie takes any of those roles.

Chaps was announced as leaving a couple weeks ago.
No idea what the book is on Dinwiddie other then being a QB coach for a few years with the Stamps?

Pretty big jump up. . . from a position coach, bypassing any coordinator role to become top man.

This must have been a distant plan B hiring by the team, since O'Shea was not coming?

He has been OC in Calgary in many ways. DD called the plays but all dual HC/OC need top notch assistance designing and implementing offensive systems. There is far more to OC than just calling plays.

Great hire IMO.

Time will tell.

So another 2 year Arizona vacation for Chamblin. The guy’s got it figured out.

I think he was O.C. for Montreal a while back.

He was temporary co-OC with Anthony Calvillo after we fired the incompetent in the role (Turk Schonert, if memory serves). It didn't last long, and it wasn't stellar. I agree with MJ; I don't think Dinwiddie is qualified. And guys who don't pay their dues tend not to fare too well in the long run (Chamblin himself had a very spotty and short record as a DC before becoming HC for the first time, and then of course there's the infamous Mike Kelly...).

Yea like everyone else I have no clue how that salary thing breaks down and how its done.
Maybe Trestman will higher Chambs to be his DC in the XFL now. Bring back the 2017 GC Glory Days.
And Chambs can double dip in his dual salary owed and watever the XFL is paying Coaches. Lol

Chamblin has two more years on his deal. Popp's contract expires at the end of this month so there is no cap issue there. By some accounts Trestman had two more years (i.e. one more after this one) when he was fired. Him going to the XFL might or might not have relieved some of the financial burden on the Argos, depending on any clawback provision in the deal.

Yea. Its hard to figure out how CFL coaches moving jobs. Fired under contract that go to another CFL team.
Im pretty sure the NFL &
Cfl have some agreement in place.
But the XFL. I highly doubt it.

Chamblin got a raw deal in Toronto. He really didn’t have much of a team to work with.

Oh yaaaa. I couldnt agree more. Chamblin is an Excellent DC. But the low coaches salary cap are forcing teams into these double duties. Franklin flopped as the QB. Chappy is an over the hill OC. For dome crazy reason they flat out released Van Zeyl. James Wilder Jr. Couldnt get into the line up.
Chamblin is a Defensive HC. So I gota put those things on the OC.
Why not keep him as HC & Hire Dinwiddie as OC.
I thought that woulda been the best option.
Now Dinwiddie mainly a QB coach and is very young is now HC/OC/QB coach and the Argos have no top level DC on the radar as of yet.