Cory Boyd

So,, somone alluded to a rumour on here few days ago about some rider team interest in Cory Boyd.

Are we interested in Cory, as a supplement to Cory Sheets,, (not a replacement) ...............

Would be kinda cool to be able to say "Cory Squared" ........................

or is the guy some sort of cancer that hasnt yet been spoken about in public ................... might seem that way

I would likely sign him if it was cheap enough.
I do not think he is an issue in the locker room...I've heard a lot of good about him in that aspect. . I believe there are a few issues that are going against him at the moment:

  • Import...that was the nail in Edmonton
  • Not the best blocker, but that is not a huge deal, because Sheets isn't either
  • I believe he picks up the playbook slowly, so this late in the season that could kill his chances of signing. I believe this is why he left Toronto, and I believe this is why he never really got action after his first game for the Esks.

If we had got him like Chamblin wanted, he wouldn't have been available once Charles got hurt. Better chance to stay ahead of Edmonton, though the east will be an easier road to the GC.

I was thinking we should go after him as well, but I don't think we can since he was cut after the trade deadline.

I believe the ruling would have been something like we could sign him, but not dress him. So basically just a practice roster spot and a chance for training camp next year. But what I don't get is how no one else could sign and play him, due to when he was cut, but Edmonton can re-sign him, and play him. I think if we couldn't do that, why should they be able to sign him again and possibly play him.

Not sure if this could be the case; Cory was on the roster after the trade deadline, so thus after being cut Edmonton [after game 14] was the only team he could play for, as other teams would only be able to sign in to practice roster only. Not only that but perhaps Edmonton still has to pay Boyds medical fees [but not his contract] till the end of season?

What is the logic of trade deadline vs being cut and you can't sign a player?

If a player is cut by a team doesn't it make sense that other teams should be able to hire him and play him? I see the trade deadline as only being that for active players on the team.