Cory Boyd

Great story on Cory Boyd last night on sports centre. How can anyone not like this guy? I'm not sure if it's on but it might be on utube. Dwayne ford narrates and does awesome.

One thing I noticed about Cory Boyd is when he's on the bench after a great/play and or set of downs, he never looks into the camera when the camera is on him. I respect him for that. When he is interviewed, it's already been said; How can you not like the guy.

no links?

I love that guy. The argos would be wise to make him the face of the team. It’s really hard not to root for that guy, regardless of who he plays for.


here's the link:

[url=] ... clip339142[/url]

Agreed, it's really well done.

Great video of Cory "The Wrecking Ball" Boyd.
Thanks for posting the link.

Outstanding! Both the video and Boyd, who has turned himself to quite the role model. :thup:

This is the answer to those who question the value of sports in their community.

Showed the clip to my wife tonight. She liked it a lot. Now I have to worry she will become an Argos fan

Ugh… I know you…

That nickname is never going to catch on! :slight_smile:


Outstanding story! Outstanding guy!....dare I say: 2010 Outstanding Rookie....

Was absolutely thrilled when the Argos signed him.

As for nicknames how about Oil Can? LOL

It will spread! It's already on the move, it won't be long until you hear about The Wrecking Ball on TSN! :smiley:

I hope he stays with the Argos for a long time... :cowboy:

oil can! he was rad to watch in the expos uniform