Cory Boyd

Anyone know if he’s OK to go this week in Edmonton?

I expect Boyd to play an will be a force, thus will be a concern for the Eskimo D.

Boyd was really impressive last night.
One negative though is how predictable it's making the offence... 1/2 of the Argos plays are Boyd running through the middle for a hopeful 7 yards... :?

He is the real deal that's for sure. His constant second effort is good and bad. He gets those exra yards that make a difference but that is also when some defender gets a free shot at him that could result in a serious injury.
Nice to see them finally using him as a receiver out of the backfield. He has better hands than most of the starting WR's.

The Argos can get away with that as can just about any starting back on almost all other teams against the woeful Eskie defence who make them all look so good by allowing about 8 yards per carry on average. :roll:

All the same congrats to the Argos for a hard-earned win. It was a great game to watch for the most part.

See my reviews with linked video under "Throw Back Tight-End" with more to come after I look at some more tape with regard to the Argos executing well on the short and screen passes in my opinion borne also of Lemon's NFL experience.

Great use of the mismatch, and with the Eskies run defence a gross (pun intended) mismatch mind you, by Barker to great Eskie woes. :frowning:

If Barker has a PhD in coaching, Hall is still perhaps in the 6th grade I think.

The Argos run those "YAC (yards after catch or contact)/West Coast offense" plays better than any team in the league though Montreal executes even better on slightly longer pass plays via the stellar Calvillo completing about 70% too!

I'll go even better and give you some video evidence on how far superior coaching to take advantage of woeful Eskie defence makes Cory Boyd look just that much better though of Boyd's extra talent getting yards and an awesome catch all the same:

7 Argos On 5 Eskies With Argos Deep In Their Territory, but give Boyd high credit also for owning #4 Jason Goss with a spin move for additional yards for the first down.

Contrast with Arkee Whitlock, breaking through a bigger hole and putting on a spin move downfield as well, with excellent Eskie 6-on-6 blocking at 2:27.

Cory Body runs for TD. Note here two pulling Argos in excellent position on a well-designed play, with one of the pulling Argos missing a block and one downfield only a few yards missing a linebacker. Even so Boyd cuts into a niche to take advantage of the 4 Argos hitting their blocks to elude the Eskie defence with the excellent help also of some downfield blocking. Credit to Boyd here for great agility and speed to take advantage of a pitiful Eskie defence all the same, as when an offence can score even with two key line blocks missed you really know the defence is high crap.

Cory Boyd TD reception for catch! NFL good? Well you have a case here for an awesome catch even against the awful Eskie secondary, but let's see him do it again against a better defence. Two feet inbounds too for extra credit too! Maybe the 2nd best end zone catch of the season after SJ Green's? And one hell of a throw by Lemon too for that matter.

Here is it not like in the Throw Back Tight End thread that I did not warn the Eskies :roll: --


Double tight-end screen pass to Boyd at LOS T42 to set up the mismatch against TJ Hill with hardly a chance.
First down Argos. Most credit here goes to Barker well over Hall's head for this great call.

I am new to this site...a new Toronot Argonauts fan but a longtime Cory Boyd follower. I love watching the guy on the field.

Welcome Greg. I'm a longtime non-Argo fan (grew up in Hamilton after all) but I like what I've seen of Boyd so far. Where you from?

House is awesome!

Cory Boyd, Offensive Player of the week again!


Following the other thread now in this Argos' forum, in retrospect now at the end of the season put Boyd in the list of elite backs in the league below in no particular order.

I'd be shocked to see a team let any of these guys go for anything but expensive let alone try to pick up someone else from free agency to replace any one of them:


It's great for all CFL fans but maybe some in Hamilton that we will have the chance now to see Cory Boyd in action for a lot longer after his renegotiated contract.

From what I read his previous contract, for which it sounds like he was screwed over by his agent just as Boyd was screwed over in Tampa Bay in the NFL from yet another agent, was ridiculous.

Good backs who can run, block, and catch make for more exciting play overall.

Check out the video below also in this same thread in which Boyd and Barker's offence put on a clinic on also my woeful Eskie defence. :cry:


Looks like you were right on all these guys, now that Cornish has re-upped.
One guy you didn’t mention was Cobourne, I was surprised Montreal let him walk. He is going to make Hamilton better and I am doubtful Amad Green can fill his shoes in Montreal. Cobourne can do it all, run, pass receive and block. He’s a tough RB. He looks small but at 5’ 08 205 lbs he runs and hits like he was about 230.

On Avon Cobourne as commented below, as anticipated correctly in my post leaving him off my list, I was not surprised at all that Montreal let him go despite being a complete back though not shining at carrying the ball like the others on my list.

Otherwise however indeed I was surprised that Montreal took on Cobb from Hamilton. :?

Interestingly for sake of the CFL, all the backs I listed are exciting to watch play. We see at least one of these guys in action and as a real offensive threat in almost every game too, and each of these backs has to be taken highly seriously by the defence on most any play but when blocking on perhaps 2nd and very long.

As far as the CFL being named for years a "passing league," no doubt your more liberal rules on screen passes add to the excitement but go figure a higher percentage of your games have an exciting running game too!

In the NFL by comparison, note that I list only the following guys as the elite backs even though of course there are many other fine backs. Lest you think I am too picky given the tough NFL defences, note that only 16 NFL backs of these have an AVERAGE of only 70 yards per game rushing for the regular season.

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=15&t=62755[/url] [url=] ... ified=true[/url]

In addition, I am highly biased for both leagues for sake of any backs weighing in at 220 or less and against any weighing in at over 228.

The reason for my "light" bias is the ample historical evidence in the last 40 years of NFL football for sake of heavy odds against backs weighing in at 230 or more despite about 10 stellar examples including also a few NFL Hall of Famers.