Cory Boyd released by Esks.

.......Will he find a new home in the CFL.....He should get consideration somewhere????????? :roll:

Cory Boyd could actually get some NFL attention. He was an NFL draft pick coming out of South Carolina U where he had a great career. Was injured during Rookie camp and spent his rookie season 2008 on the IR and practice roster and was on the Broncos regular roster for one game before returning to the PR. he was waived in march of 2009 and came to the argos in 2010. Two straight 1,000 yard rushing season in Toronto along with leading the league in rushing before his release this year. He has proven that he is healthy he is 27 and basically got a lot of rest this seaon not taking a lot of hits but still practicing all year and is in good football shape and healthy and also has practice roster eligibility left. For a team in need of an experienced back up with all the tools and practice roster eligibility where he can start the season at and be called upon when injuries begin to mount makes him a pretty attractive prospect for the NFL for the next two seasons.
As Boyd found out this season that with only 8 teams in the CFL it is hard to find a job even if you are good.
Every team in the CFL seems to be set at the RB position with the exception of Hamilton which needs to sort through the injuries of the RBs they have as well as if they can come to terms with Cobourne. Both Mallet who was signed to starters money and Grant both are facing career ending type injuries so who knows what there status may be. Cortez was not a big fan of Cobournes and Boyd is both healthy and fits Cortez's CFL system and would be the power back with Chevon Walker the change of pace back. Who knows after this season with the uncertainty with the RB position do to injury and other factors having a healthy workhorse back in the already top offense in the league would make them even better. If non of the three I mentioned are going to work out Boyd would come with only a standard starting RB salary

He's a head case and he doesn't want to block, he's toast in any league I would say.

That may be his downfall but with the vince young the latest waste of talent left broke and jobless it may begin to turn the attitude of such players with talent that their are a lot of really good football players and everyone is replaceable so if you want to capitalize on your window of oppuritunity you better get your act together. It is not too late for Boyd or young but I agree a change in attitude will need to be made

Everyone deserves a second chance, and after this year I think his attitude may have changed.

being unemployed will do that to a player

but...Edmonton was his second chance


He did not get much of a chance in Edmonton. Boyd is a feature back and came to Toronto and thrived as a feature back. To much uncertainty in Edmonton about what his role was or how much he was going to play if he played. Once The week Messam signed Reed came out and said that they had the game plan in place and Messam would not dress that week. Once he went back on that and Messam played it was a mess

it was a second chance...feature back or not. there was something about him they did not like...perhaps his blocking, perhaps his attitude, perhaps something else. The Argos cut him for a reason. For the Esks, he was at minimum their second best feature back (for running anyways) yet was released...twice.

Well then perhaps Boyd needs a fresh start from the beginning of a Training Camp. certainly if this season has not humbled him then he does not deserve to make any team next season.