Cory Boyd Mike O'Shea Fight After Last Weeks Game?

Wow, I didn't know about this at all.

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Fighting a Coach, that's... impressive.

i heard about this on tsn radio the next day. apparently, the 'extra yard' production crew caught it all on camera, so maybe we'll see it in a future episode.

Doubt it, the agreement that Barker has with the show producer is ZERO content that will make his football people look bad. Would be great to see, so would Barker's blowup in Montreal.

is cory boyd even on special teams??

What happened in the Montreal blowout?

The story goes that Boyd shared his opinion with O'shea sending only one returner which made sense as there was a good chance of an onside kick. O'Shea didn't appreciate the comments or how they were said and well you know O'Shea... So a little shirt grabbing machismo followed.

What was Barkers craziness in Montreal about? I must have missed it.

Not sure if it was crazieness, but Barker did Question Kackert for not getting out of bounds just before the half for a posible fieldgoal attempt. Could this be the scene people are talking about?