Cory Boyd Cut Loose

The Smoes have parted ways, where will CB end up next?

Let's bring him to Hamilton right away!

Ooooh, I'm going to hate myself in the morning.... but you KNOW that somebody was going to say it so, why not? :smiley:

Maybe we can play him on the D line or as a linebacker?

Or Head Coach??

Can he play on the D-line?

No....but we COULD sign him if we just cut Peach and McElveen.

Montreal, perhaps? I understand that Whitaker is out for the season, and I see that Victor Anderson is averaging only 4.4 yards per carry. In fact, I had been thinking that the Als have been waiting for the Esks to make this move.

And I certainly don't see him coming here. When he was released by that other Ontario team earlier this year, Cortez said shortly after that release that his team was not in the market for a running back. Some asked why he said that. I think Cobourne gave the answer to that. :slight_smile:

There has to be more to Boyd than we know about...

Boyd has a fairly significant concussion history. I believe he suffered three concussions while with the Argos alone. I'm not suggesting it is affecting his performance, but it's a factor that must be taken into consideration by any other team thinking of adding him to their roster.

Agree Allen for sure. And didn't know of the concussion history seymour.

Boyd has quite the history of troubles and baggage with almost every team he's been with. College, NFL, CFL.

I do wish the best for the young man but I think he has some deep problems.

Apparently since he was cut after trade deadline he is not eligible to play for another CFL team (according to Arash Mandani) and he doesn't have enough years in the CFL to have a guaranteed contract. Sucks for him