Cory Boyd - best running back in the league so far?

Got to like this guy for sure. Like this from an article in the NP:

“I love the CFL. They actually give you a chance. If I was in the NFL I’d probably be on somebody’s practice squad or special teams and just to come out here and be a starter and battle through all the elements I had to battle through and still be here with a great team and a new organization and … you can’t ask for much more.?

Boyd is a great back, I remember him tearing up a Tennessee Defense in college. My only worry is he is a bit injury prone.

Not sure he is the best back in the league yet. I'm still a Robertson fan, and felt in the right system he could be the best.

Three games isn't a large enough sample size to answer this question, but I must say that I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Boyd. He hits every hole like he's auditioning for the job and his ability to break tackles and move the pile is a treat to watch. First man never brings him down. Don't know about his blocking or pass-catching ability, but as a north-south runner, he's gotten off to a great start.

From what I remember in college he can catch the ball well. he made a nice block yesterday, but I also watch him miss an assignment too.

Boyd and Arkee Whitlock are both very scary.

But until proven otherwise, Reynolds is #1.
If Calgary gives him the ball 22 times last night like the argos did to Boyd, then the Stamps win.

Boyd is definitely looking good. Back-to-back 100-yard games. Definitely a new pick up for the Argos. :thup:

On the subject of running backs, it's looking like it's going to be another great year for backs. Five guys already have over 200 yards, and we've just started Week 3.

Boyd definately gets my 'so far' vote.

Wes cates, Reynolds, and Robertson all are better then Boyd...that's not saying that Boyd can't become better.....oh, cobourne is better as well!

way too damn early to be calling Boyd the Best running back in this league.

give him about 6 more games first.

Definately not the best back in the league (yet?), but making a strong case for rookie of the year, even if it is still early.

(Thigpen and Owens may have something to say about that as well...)

Been a long time since I have seen a back run with as much power as he has, that Argo oline is doing a great job opening holes for him too.

Lot of good rb's in this league right now, that's for sure.

Chad Owens can return kicks but is also a great, and fast . receiver!

Agreed. A lot of guys flame out towards the end of the season as an 18 game regular season takes its toll on a lot of first year players especially. Also, you can't really take much away from yesterdays game. A midweek game like that early in the season, both teams, no matter what, cannot play at their best in that scenario. Too many new/inexperienced players on both sides, new coaching staff in TO, new OC in Calgary, teams haven't had enough time to play together yet. That showed up as sloppy play on both sides of the ball for each team yesterday. On top, a lot of guys have a great first year and fail to carry it into year to (ahem De'andra Cobb). I would never call anybody the best in this league at anything unless they've been able to do it over the course of 2 seasons at least. Right now he's an early season surprise working his way up to becoming a one year wonder and will need to continue to work his way up to best in the league.

So true, and there have always been a few quality backs in the CFL. It always ticks me off when people who profess to know the CFL or complain about the CFL say there's no running game or its too much passing. There's always guys who get a lot of carries and put up a lot of yardage. Just thankfully there's no extra down so we have to see some guy run for 2-3 yards 3 times in a row over and over.

True wolverine, and with 4 downs a team can hold possesion of the ball for half and quarter and end up moving the ball 30 yards only. Of course the better teams like Indy and New England and New Orleans can all pass the ball well and do, the teams that rely on "3 yards and cloud of dust" most of the time won't win any more in the NFL unless their defense is super.

But that very type of team is fairly common in the NFL. And it works just as well as an "air it out" type in the NFL.

I watch a lot of NFL, and I can think of only two teams that fit your description: the Jets and Titans. The NFL has morphed from a running back league to a quarterback league. Last season, 10 players threw for over 4,000 yards and the two teams that went to the Super Bowl were both passing teams.

I would add the Ravens and Dolphins to that list, while these teams will pass more this season because of additions at reciever, as well as growing quarterbacks. I think when the ravens beat the patriots in the playoffs, Joe Flacco went something like 6/10 for the whole game.

But yea, now that i think about it, less and less teams are doing it. I still think it can work though.

Look at the 2000 Ravens, 2005 steelers, and even the 2006 Colts got through the playoffs by playing great defence and running the ball.

But as well you can win in the CFL with a qb passing for just around 100 yards and a bit, turnovers are huge and the kicking game.

At any rate it's the presence of both a decent, doesn't have to be great but decent, running game and passing game that is good, enough to keep defenses honest. In either league albeit kicking and field position is much more important here than down there.