Cortez's 3rd and 1 decision

You can't build a skyscraper when you're 39 stories underground in an abandoned coal mine...anyone check and see if the canarys still alive? :thdn: :cowboy:

Not all the news about Cortez is bad... Someone in the front office has finally convinced Cortez to stop using a Sharpie to explore various body orifices while on the sidelines. Didn't see that nasty habit at all last night and that will be seen as a positive by thousands of fans watching.

Cortez should try another Bic pen: that one he talks to during the last few games is giving him the wrong plays!


Based on the Ticat's deplorable season which is pretty well a write off now, and given the fact that the team is stuck

with George Cortez for the next 3 years of his contract, I would suggest that he be kicked upstairs where he can do

less harm to the team's fortunes.

A new head coach needs to come in to take our team to the promised land.

Moving Cortez up stairs combined with Obie's retirement is about the only way this can happen.

One other solution might be to give George the OC job and nothing more while bringing in a seasoned head coach;

a guy who actually knows what the hell he's doing.

He didn't decide "he might as well" take the FG. He decided the best chance for a successful FG would be while they had the wind.
Also, you believe "they should have been thinking about 4 or 5 more scores."
I believe Cortez was thinking realistically. At that time, with 2 mins. remaining in the 3rd Qtr., 72% of the game was past, 88% of the remaining 17 minutes would be into the wind and, to that point, even though they'd had the wind 65% of the time played, they had managed only 3 scores, all FGs. In that game, at that point, he'd be dreaming if he was thinking your thought.

No question it was a controversial decision, but the only way, IMHO, that it could possibly be considered the turning point is if the players, as some are suggesting, did give up because of it. If that's true, then, the players didn't respect the ability of the coach, who didn't respect the ability of the players to make the 1st down and continue on to score a TD. On a team everyone has to do his job and trust that the others around him will do theirs. During a game, the job of the coach is to make, sometimes tough, decisions and the job of the players is to make, sometimes tough, plays. The coach did his job. Did the players do theirs?

Take the shovel out of the room and replace it with a stand of mirrors.

Very thoughtful post. You make a lot of sense. There were other poor decisions... running the ball repeatedly with the wind in the third quarter despite very limited success doing it is an example... but to me this particular decision was not without merit.

Exactly. A few weeks ago Cortez himself said that when they run the ball a lot the passing game suffers because it get out of rhythm. So unless you're running all over them and getting 8-10 yards per carry, like teams do against our defence, why are you taking it out of rhythm on purpose?

I for one, would have gone for it, but I can see both sides of the issue.

YOu need two scores, and practically, it would be harder to get a FG against the wind if need be so why not take the points that are on the board. If you do not get a chance to get into scoring range for a TD, which we did not, then the issue is really academic.

Emotionally, there was a bigger risk. If you go for it and get it, there is no guarantee you still score a TD or get a FG as tje ball could be fumbled or picked off before we even get a chance to put a score on the board.

Also, if you go for it and do not get it, you have given up points and field position as well as any life you had just got sucked out of you.

Unfortunately, the decision to go for the FG, though easily supported logically, nevertheless has the effect of giving the impression that the coach does not have faith in his offence to get a yard, and that sucks the life out of the team, and unfortunately, that is what happened.

One can only wonder if the arm chair QB’s would have kept a muzzle on if Cortez went for the 1 yard and came up short. We all know they would not. They would say you should have gone for the FG, or the play you ran was wrong …yada yada yada.

Bottom line, it sucks, but this play did not give up over 30 points on defence, it possibly cost us the extra 4 points a TD might have got us. It is not the real reason we lost the game and I am not sure that the call was such a bad coaching decision.

No. The canary is dead because a CAT tried to eat it and choked on it. :wink:

It was EXACTLY this type of weak thinking, and pansy, by the book decision making which I despised Marcel Bellefuille for ...

It is impossible to OVERSTATE what a !@#$ horrible decision that was ...

This guy completely sold his team short, and showed absolutely zero confidence in them ... Cortez cut his offense off at the knees with that absolutely STUPID decision ... this was absolutely, 100% . beyond any doubt the turning point in the game ... the rest of the game speaks for itself ... the players were DEMORALIZED, and I suspect completely PI$$ED at that moronic decision !!!

This could turn out to be the turning point of the season ... If Cortez doesn't MAN UP at this week's meetings, and ADMIT to his players how badly he regrets the stupidity of the decision then I can predict this team will hang him out to dry for his remaining days ...

I am like a few others on this board - I am TRYING to like this guy, and I am trying to be patient with his re-acclimation to the CFL game - but his decisions, and coaching style are really starting to wear thin any confidence I have that this man has any notion of how to run a football team ...

Things aren't necessarily over, yet - but Cortez has zero margin for error for the remainder of the year - it is going to take a herculean effort to salvage this season ... Cortez better get a clue soon.

Check out near the end of this interview just how much he regrets his decision. :smiley:

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Cortez is extremely stubborn and never seems to own up to coaching blunders. He seems to always downplay his mistakes with some lame excuse.

Cortez is extremely stubborn and never seems to own up to coaching blunders. He seems to always downplay his mistakes with some lame excuse.
Stubborn as an arthritic mule.

I never, ever, in a million years of Friday night football would have believed I could ever miss Marcel Bellefuille ... but this donkey's ass actually has me thinking ...

Hey Cortez - you didn't necessarily NEED a field goal if you built on the momentum and scored a TD - even a missed one through the end zone would be enough , or a punt - you complete imbecile.

This tool is becoming Hamiltons most wanted. Did i mention I dont care for him? LOL he has prematurley ended my football season due to him complete stupidity.

That's the irony here. Cortez has 30+ years of coaching experience. He was touted as the coach that would take us to the next level. Hell even the Las Vegas oddsmakers predicted the Cats to win the Grey Cup. We were all heavily duped. :frowning:

Brain fart # 6 shows he has confidence in his team :thdn:

We had once a coach called the Little General he was tough but he had the respect from his players this coach is working himself out of a job......... And has NO RESPECT . :roll: :thdn: