Cortez's 3rd and 1 decision

He just said on CHML that they needed 2 scores anyway so this was one of them. What pathetic reasoning. he killed any momentum we had in that game and what little chance we had this year.

It was the third quarter..??? Turns out they needed about 4

It is never about extending the game in the THIRD FRICKIN' QUARTER! That is so cart-before-the-horse I am speechless!

You got it...I'm sure he will be gone back to some back-water U.S. little school as a waterboy.

When you have the wind to your advantage and lose it in the 4th, and you are in the red zone at that point and only need
a yard, you must go for it when you have the chance. This was the turning point for the cats.

I blame Cortez for the lose.

He's another Charlie Taafe. Unfortunately we're deeply invested in this bust.

WPG had just scored the game's only TD, to that point,on a 103-yd, 4-minute drive into the wind, assisted by 5 flags thrown against HAM, and was up by 7. Rutley had a good return to the H45. Cobourne ran for 3 yds. Forutnately, a Roughing call on WPG turned that into 15 and a first down. Cobourne again ran for 3 yds. Then Fantuz caught a 6 yd. pass and couldn't get the extra yd. for the first down. That's hardly momentum.

And, GOTC, the 39 yd. line is not in the "red zone."

I think that 3rd and 1 decision to go for the FG was the least of any problems tonight.

Very questionable decision but I think he also misjudged his team's abiliity to stop the Bombers from scoring more points and his offense's ability to score again. This really was a team meltdown made worse by lousy coaching.

Only Congi delivered.

An Argo-Cat fan

Its still bizarre reasoning from the coach regardless.

To say in the 3rd quarter we need 2 scores, so might as well take the field goal? This is something you expect with 5 mins left in the 4th quarter. Not with the wind, in a game where your chances for a major have been limited.. in the 3rd quarter.. They should be thinking about 4 or 5 more scores..

More questionable than the 3rd and 1 decision, to me, was the first-down play calling when the team had the wind. By my count the Cats had were 1st and 10 twelve times with the wind. 11 handoffs to Cobourne and the other time Burris was cover sacked. In the first quarter, Avon's 1st down runs gained 2,3,10,1,6 and 5 yds. In the 3rd it was 3,3,3,3 and -1.

He kicked the field goal when the score was 16-9 in favour of the Bombers. The Congi make – side note: he has been one of the few bright spots for the team this year and no one has talked about him; his field goal percentage is ridiculous and he’s missed only two kicks all season – made he score 16-12. In what bizzaro universe is a seven-point lead when you need two scores? Am I too assume that he was talking about needing two scores to tie AND win the game? What kind of moron thinks in those terms IN THE THIRD QUARTER!? I want to like this guy, I really do, but my patience with him is wearing very thin. Any chance the team can make nice with Bellefeuille? What I wouldn’t give to have him back right about now.

Cortez= Moron nuff said....................

I totally agree. I could not understand the Cats game plan and why we kept running the ball with the wind. I guess the weather was a lot worse than it appeared on tV?

Another horrible decision. Didn't even ask for a measurement to give him some time to think about it. There is a significant line of bad coaching decisions including mostly RUNNING the ball with the wind in the third quarter. We are all assuming that the coach wants to win. What if he went to the Cats earlier this year and said he wanted out to go back to the NFL and they said no? So he decides to get fired. Then every one of those blatantly obvious bad coaching decisions makes sense. The players seemed to give up when he kicked the field goal as they can see that something in the coaching isn't right.

It almost seems like he is trying to destroy this team.
It makes no sense why Dile & Simmons stink, & those two Canucks from last week sit.
All of the recievers stink, and Stala sits.
Hand the ball to Avon constantly, except when you need one yard, like he was hanging Avon out to dry.
I bet Cortez will point to Avon getting roughly 4 yards per carry this game as the reason to sit or release him.

This was the TSN turning point. If we get a major, we gain momentum and the rest of the game changes. We are stuck with this guy fora couple more years. My only hope is that we hire Tim Burke or Marshall for a defensive-coordinator and LaPolice for our offensive coordinator. This year looks done.

Oh, and sorry but he is not trying to destroy the team. Why would we win 51-8 last week?

And we gave this guy the keys and gave him control of football operations ????

8) His decision to go for the field goal, instead of the first down, apparently did not go over well with many of the
   offensive players.  That was mentioned by the TSN guys at the time.

   Of course we couldn't see all of their reactions as they came off the field, but it was mentioned that Avon was getting in
    Cortez's face about his decision.

    That became apparent when the camera scanned the Cat bench, and you could clearly see a TiCat player physically 
     restraining Avon, and trying to walk him away from the coaches area !!

So he can build from the ground up with his players, not yesterdays players.