.......I think you guys are looking at your future Head Coach.......George ran a pretty tight offense under Buono here in Calgary for many years and his NCAA experience is going to pay off with contacts and future players......his name was being tossed around when Barker was let go here of the Coaching duties before Dunnigan was announced.....if Danny B decides to leave whent he Shiv's contract is up, Cortez would be a candidate for sure......

Lets put it this way RW, im willing to give B&S one more year to prove they are on the right track. If they are not, then its time to clean house and find a new coach and GM. A year should give Cortez time to see what talent the Riders actually have and where improvements can be made, if shiv and barret decide to leave or get fired, and Cortez becomes the next head coach.

It doesn't matter if you give Shivers another year because he's done after this year anyway. He already said that this is his last contract and once it is up he is done being a GM in the CFL. Danny will probably take the role of GM when Shivers leaves since he is already the assistant GM and Cortez or Hall will take the head coach job.

Again what someone says now means nothing when the contract expires. I highly doubt that Shiv will walk away so easily.

I don't know if we need to get rid of Danny B altogether. In my opinion, he will make a great GM. I don't think that Danny has the winning edge that is needed to be a great coach. But I think he knows great talent when he sees it. RIchie Hall, would make a great head coach. He is proven this time and time again, with our great Defence.

I think that after this year, after Roy has retired, we should give Danny the GM role as well as being the Head Coach. I think he will be a great GM. He is already a big part of being it anyways seeing how he is the assistant and everything. I think we should give him a chance at it. I believe he will do a great job. I have a lot of faith in Danny Barrett.

I agree with R&W....Bet the mortgage...Cortez will be your future Head Coach.....(Good choice I might add!)

I like Danny B but my thinking is that both shiv and he should go. Let Cortez run the show he walks on water!