Did you all here Cortez was diagnosed with advanced stages of Alzheimer s !

and you, Wiezheimers !! LOL :wink:

It's the only explanation. The riders already traveled the same path without success. Unless Cortez is a head banger :rockin:

Lets see what happens in the playoffs the last few games have included a few designed Durant runs that were used at key times in the game with great success.
There may be some other wrinkles to the offense that we have not seen, or have seen in awhile. earlier in the season McHenrly was used successfully used as a receiver from the FB/HBack position. It could really come into play if Getz misses a game.
Last season downthe stretch out of no where suddently they were using a lot more of Stephanson as a receiver fro the TE spot.
Also we have yet to see any kind of Hybrid play from Sanders on offense.
IF Getz is out of action look for some of these wrinkles

like an option play? Still haven't seen one that I recall. Durant used to eat that up.

What about a screen pass? They tried one to Sheets but he overran the play.

Well it could be an option but also the naked bootleg and the game before to run out the clock a QB keeper.

Dusty100.......I think Picard was way to slow on that screen. I agree that Sheets needs to slow his advancement down.

But Picard was way to slow............sorry, but i disagree. If that play was executed Juwan gets blocked by Picard and I think it had some potential.

I put that one on opinion.