Does anyone know if we are still paying anything to Cortez since he has now signed on as SASK Offensive Co-ordinator
I am sure he was making twice as much here as head coach , gm etc

The answer to your question, no question, would be YES. And, he will continue to be paid by the TCs, at least, through the 2014 season unless there was a mutually agreed upon one-time mega payment after his firing. Common would be a contract clause calling for the salary from his new team to be deducted from the amount the old team would have to pay. But, I wouldn't be at all surprised if his agent got a deal from Mitchell that was much more than "common" n this regard.

From all accounts Cortez signed a "primo" (not "common") contract with the Tabbies (who really wanted him). :wink:

Now, not knowing the specifics of the deal it is fun to speculate, but the only parties who really "know" are the team and GC. What we think is meaningless other than for possible entertainment value.

8) Cortez had a guaranteed contract with the Cats !!
   He receives his full pay for the remainder of that contract, regardless of what any other team signs him to.

    Now, it is possible that he accepted a buyout package from the Cats in a lump sum amount, but he is getting most of
     his money that he signed for in Hamilton !!

      Good old George was no fool when he got what he asked for to sign in Hamilton !!

        He certainly had the last laugh !!!      <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Indeed. I'm frequently bewildered at how unflinchingly certain of their facts people can be on these boards about things they have no first-hand knowledge of.

No question, try working in the health care system, you have no idea what doctors are being paid behind the scenes with research grants and that and how OHIP billing is done by certain specialists in group contracts with university faculty appointments as well. No one will ever figure out exactly what certain specialists make. Health care probably makes sports look like peanuts monetary wise when all is said and done due to sheer numbers of doctors, advanced practice nurses etc.

Anyways, yup, George was or is to be more exact, no dummy that's for sure.

nope he sure wasnt can u blame him he told them what he wanted they agreed except he never promised a championship season and we still agreed so who was the stupid one like him or not it sure wasnt him or the team that picked him up as oc. they get a quality coach for next to nothing if anything at all and say thank you hamilton

You seem very certain of what you're saying, if the multiple exclamation marks are any indication.

Do you have a source for this?

I would say that the public doesn't know what kind of financial arrangements were made with George Cortez.
Many options were open to him, including his new team buying out all or part of his contract.
Good luck to him. He is a great offensive coordinator but in my opinion, he has a personality that will never
endear him to players or fans.

Not sure why he'd be so certain, especially considering it's been reported that the opposite is true: ... -move.html

Cortez will still be paid plenty by the Cats, but his signing with the Riders does cut down Hamilton's financial obligation to him.

Well, that's a bit of a tangent.

For all we know Hamilton may just have to keep him in Sharpies. Could be all that's left of his contract. :lol:

Not sure where your getting this info from. I'm sure the contract is guaranteed in the form that if he gets fired the cats still need to pay him but almost every contract says if you get a new job they can deduct that from what they need to pay you.