Cortez tells Argos to look elsewhere

Just saw this reported on SportsNet:

Calgary Stampeders’ offensive co-ordinator George Cortez has told the Toronto Argonauts he’s not interested in the team’s vacant head coaching job…

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Hopefully they can also retain Chris Jones as defensive co-ordinator since I think the defence could be even better next year. Mike Labinjo extended to 2011 today! :o

With all due respect, the management of the Argos has no clear chain of command (Bishop / Joseph is one that comes to mind). Until the upper management uis sorted out, who'd want to go there?

Stamps have solid management in place. Cortez knows who's stable and who's not.

Maybe he was humming a few bars from that old country song, "Take this job and shove it"

Or maybe he knows he can add a few Grey Cup Rings to his fingers in Calgary! :wink:

...UNLESS ....he's interviewing in edm....and nobody has heard about it....more likely he want the rings in cowtown though , sport... :wink:

Bobby Ackles let Adam Rita go because he was a "9-5er." Obviously Cortez working for Scott Ackles means he's not a 9-5er either and must be enjoying the organization. You're exactly right saying he wouldn't want to give that up to go to a three ring circus in TO. Just compare the results.

Rumour on today's sportscast is Ritchie Hall is set to sign in Edmonton.....

I heard that as well on the radio

yeah! Richie Hall in Edmonton! My life is complete. Until we win the Grey Cup again.