Cortez out of running for Roughriders job

Wed, January 30, 2008

Cortez out of running for Roughriders job
UPDATED: 2008-01-30 02:19:56 MST


George Cortez won't be the next head coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The Calgary Stampeders offensive co-ordinator has pulled out of the running for the position vacated by Kent Austin, a source close to the Riders told the Sun last night.

Cortez interviewed for the job during the weekend with Saskatchewan general manager Eric Tillman, and was considered one of the front-runners for the job.

Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel, who granted permission for the interview, preferred to wait until hearing officially before expressing his relief in retaining Cortez.

"Sooner the better," Hufnagel said. "I will be relieved when Eric makes the announcement that George is no longer a candidate. I will sleep better.

"Eric called me and asked for permission and I gave it to him. It was a great opportunity for George. What I know is they had a long discussion and that's as far as it went.

"I hope to hear officially that George is no longer being considered."

Cortez declined comment on the matter, but he was back at the Stamps' office yesterday after meeting with Tillman.

Keeping Cortez is beneficial to the Stamps. Under Cortez last season, quarterback Henry Burris set career highs for yardage and touchdown passes, despite missing four games.

Whoever becomes the new Riders head coach will have a huge challenge.

Austin took over the team last winter and led the club to its third Grey Cup in his rookie season as a head man. The former Riders QB then became offensive co-ordinator with his alma mater, Ole Miss.

Expectations have certainly risen due to a 12-6 season in which the Riders hosted a playoff game for the first time since 1988.


Considering the source is part of the Calgary media that jump all over rumours, I'll wait until Tillman make the announcment... :wink:

...and you base this theory on?....

....the 'source' is from the riders btw, so the article says...

Ian Busby is part the Rider media? 05's article says when Tillman makes the announcement, and so far nothing has been said yet, so to me, its all conjecture at this point. Hmmm , a source close to the Riders, so that "source" could be a media person, given some of the stuff that has gone on recently, I would wait until an announcement is actually made, then we can discuss and debate it.

...I suppose the source could be Lucy who got Ian his double double at the timmy's drive through last night...generally I don't have an issue with the media, nto that I believe everything I read, but I'm sure the info is 99% can wait for ET to confirm or deny, I'm happy Cortez isn't going anywhere....

It seems Cortez is dodging a failure bullet. The fact is who ever takes this job is going to be in a difficult position from day one. The only one that would probably have an excuse for failure if he was chosen would be Richie Hall. He could use the I am a rookie coach give me a 7 year Shivers plan.

...a second story in today Herald, with a confirmation by ET that GC is not in the running anymore....

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Where there is smoke there is fire! Two papers reporting in Calgary alone.

Thanks for the info R&W…

Sambo who do you think the guy is going to be.

I dont really know to be honest, I still think Hall would be a good choice. Maybe Burratto's chances got better with Cortez out of the running now.

Steve Buratto looks like a good move on Tillmans part. I like Richie Hall but I would not like to see the guy put in this position. Maybe make him an associate head coach so he could learn. The pressure after winning the GC is going to be hughe.

Tillman indicated early on that all the assistants were staying, so not having any say in your coaching staff might be a complicating factor in this process.

I am not surprised he turned it down. It is a tough position to come into.

Its gonna be Richie! :d

Nice to see a coach showing some loyalty.

Yay! We get to start THIS again!! :roll:

Toronto Star reports Buratto's is out of the picture now as well. Regina is his favourite place but he's happy in Toronto. lol
This apparently leaves Miller, Hall and Ritchie still in the race.

Could be the only guy that really wants it. I feel bad for him. :lol:

Oh Eskylo you had to bring that up. I admire a man that sticks to his obligations.