Cortez, New TC head coach

Just reported by Bob Young

@CaretakerBob [i]Hey @Ticats, we've hired George Cortez as new HC of #Ticats. Check out [url=][/url]. So excited had to tell someone![/i]


Maybe he could hire O'Shea as our d coordinator.


///I like the hire....2 reasons, mainly we get to keep a very excellent coach to get us back to the Cup...secondly i think Cortez is going to be just what the cats have needed for years...The east will rock :thup: :rockin:

A Karmic debt has just been paid! :rockin:

Fabulous news from Bob. Should be a great season. Looking forward to May and the rest of the season!

Thank you Bob Young for hiring the very best HC out there, despite the expense. I’m sure Cortez is being paid very well.

Wow! Great news. Welcome Coach Cortez. FYI: We fans are thinking Grey Cup Championship this year.

I like it a lot :thup: :thup:


(That's how loud I'm screaming "Awesome" Shaking the house walls!)

Thanks Bob Young!!! :rockin: :cowboy:

Now I believe with the right mix of young and experienced coaching staff, George Cortez can coach us in as many Grey Cups as he wants, and also groom continuing stability for the ongoing future.


You want to spoil a good thing? O'Shea doesn't carry a cloak of victory with him, just because he authored a couple of trick plays. Let Cortez pick hos own assistants. Our fate is in his hands now.
And "That's a good thing!"

Interesting to see what O'shea does now. Is there an opinining as DC in Hamilton, looks like his CFL choices are between DC in Hamilton, STC in Monreal or STC in Toronto.

Looks like we're serious about having a big season this year.

Good move, hiring someone who is very experienced in the CFL, and great opportunity for Cortez. This works both ways.

Head Coach OK, but "Director of Football Operations" - where does that leave GM Obie and Ass't GM Womack?

Since the media conference isn't until Tuesday, that gives Ticats time to hire DC (Burke I hope) and OC by then.

Thanks for the leak Bob. I am excited as you are!

He also has the title of director of football ops:

[url=] ... head-coach[/url]

Looks like the buck will stop with him. Hope he comes with an internet shield to protect him from all of the coming barbs from the denizens of Some posters here will expect instant success and anything less will not be tolerated. I'm sure his (probable) hefty salary will provide the necessary umbrella-like protection during the coming rain of on-line criticisms.

Mike is one happy fan. I promise to exercise some patience and not expect instant gratification, no matter tempting. :wink:

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Perfect setup. Allows OB to wind down and turn the football operations over to Cortez over the next year or two and Womack can keep doing what he's doing in the US. No one gets hurt and continuity is assured. :thup: All good.

Burke has already announced he is returning to the Bombers to keep on building and improving his stalwart defence :wink:

A great hiring for your team.
Now with the gunslingers in the East, every team has excellent coaching and it will be a shootout, can hardly wait.
Go Argos.