Cortez new headcoach in Ham

.....Arash Madani is saying Geroge Cortez is the new coach in the hammer, passing over Tim Burke...Burke will remain with the Bombers to continue his excellent work on the Bomber defence :thup: :rockin:

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Correct Papa; Topic in the Ti-Cat forum states Cortez has been hired and quoted post from geoffW at 11:05 A.M.; Just reported by Bob Young. That's great for Hamilton I say.

...even better for the Bombers :wink:

I'd be worried.. Cortez is a very good coach.

..worried :lol: Let me see Cortez being hired over Burke doing him out of the hc job...I would think Tim will be doing a little extra planning for Mr. Cortezs' offence... :wink: :rockin: It's great for the east

A great hiring for the Cats.
Now with the gunslingers in the East, every team has excellent coaching and it will be a shootout, can hardly wait.

i'm excited by this move, but i also remember when i thought charlie taaf would be great for the tabbies as well, so ill wait and see.

the cats don't give their coaches the chance to turn things around. always knee-jerk firings. greg marshall also comes to mind.

Watch out for this season dg, we will get to the promised land and I hope soon London will be able to compete for the national championship trophy football championship of Canada the Grey Cup, but right now they are in with the Saskatoons, Quebec City's, Halifaxs etc. as just a bit lower on the totem pole...

I am with you Earl, without ever being there I have always said that a new team in Saskatoon would work.
As well as Quebec City and Atlantic Cananda would bring a perfect 12.

Yes Argot but can these cities find the resources to compete or just complain it's not worth it etc. ?

You guys amaze me sometimes... for football to work in Saskatoon AND Regina, both cities would have to quadruple is size... you are pipe dreaming if you think you can just stick a CFL team there right now... but going back to the topic at hand... a great move for the Cats... with all the coaching moves around the league in general, its shaping up to be a very interesting year...

Not saying just stick a team anywhere, just saying can a city find the resources to get to the top level of football in this county if theh have any motivation to do so. Agree it's a difficult task no question.

somehow this thread is now an expansion thread :roll:

Yes, well, it is the offseason after all. And isn't it a time-honoured tradition in here, to have multiple expansion threads during the offseasons? :lol:

....but is he a decent Head Coach? I don't know, no one does at this point as this is his first HC posting since being a coach for almost 34 years...from what I saw of the man here in cowtown GC strikes me as a exceptional X's and O's strategist, able to analyze an opponent and build a counter to defeat it...he is a consummate clipboard manager and quiet, almost secretive, leader of a specific part of a team, be it the QBs, RBs, or coordinating an entire offense...

...can he coach the entire team at the same time? Is he going to be another Marshall or Berry or Hall who is exceptional at a certain part but lacks that overall oomph to motivate and lead the entire dogpack? Remains to be seen I suppose...

It will be interesting to see if he can bring out the best in Burris

Good luck to Cortez, you can count on Frank showing up for several games, better get some help in the bullpen because Porter hasn't looked like the answer.

With Porter and his upside, maybe just being an understudy of Burris and with Cortez will bring out his first string potnetial.
Also it can't hurt if Khari comes back as an OC.

...Khari has signed on with the riders as their qb. coach and is in the process of moving his family to Regina...Also i think that Cortez is wearing the oc hat in the hammer, as well as hc. amongst other duties :roll:

Ooops. :oops: Khari signed several days ago in Sask. as the QB coach. Though a demotion, looks like he knew or had the hunch that the incoming new coach (at that time not yet decided) with whom the Cats were negotiating would bring his own staff.