Cortez needs to be fired! Maybe the whole lot!

Benevides is a defensive coach.

be carefull what you wish for, now you may be replacing the whole coaching staff. not good.

While I might agree Cortez should probably go, and Dyce needs to at minimum be shuffled out of his ST role, the other moves seem fairly over the top. That said, I don’t think it is the Riders brass making all of those decisions.

last year all the players left, now this year its all the coaches, that should tell you something . is it the fish bowl ?????

All players left? How so? They actually rtained the vast core of the team. They lost a lot of players, which happens when you get rentals for a GC run. On O they lost Sheets to the NFL, as well as Dressler for half the season. They also losr Simon, who was far from a prolific weapon, even though his leadership was great. On D they lost their NI ST spot and a NI LB. I wouldn't call that everyone....really 4 key spots plus a pretty big vacancy at LB. Really the LB vacancy hurt them, but all else was fairly marginal. Sure Sheets is a big loss, but they still produced well on the ground through the first 10 games. This does tell me something yes...championship teams on an expansion year that have oodles of rental players and have topped the cap are going to see just makes sense. They knew darned well what they were doing in 2013, and were fine selling a bit of the future to do it. As far as coaches this season...Cortez...well...flip a coin there. Dyce...yeah, he suffered a lot of STer injurries, but his ST offered nothing unique and were just plain bad. As for the defensive side...Chamblin is way too hands on for a HC...pretty sure there was some clashing there.

I rest my case, we lost too many players. and weren't prepared went Durant went down, but how is that all georges fault, he only coaches the players that are there. not the ones we wish were there??? and the other q.b.'s weren't ready to take over ???

you rest your case on what? They lost a 4 starters, ONE on offense in Sheets. I am not seeing what you rest your case on. These are not big numbers.

I thought they lost 17 players off the grey cup team, with the loss of threats like dressler , sheets , geroy then Durant, the team could not function like before, and when Durant went down, the whole thing went sour . those key players made a huge difference how defenses played us, and when Durant went down it was lights out. I don't know the in or outs just what I see personally.

even the loss of kahari jones I thought really hurt durants play

To me losing Kahari Jones was the biggest loss to the team, as even with Durant in as QB they were not exactly putting up a ton of offence, in the 10 games that Durant started he was 8 TDs and 5 IN with 10 running touchdowns 7 of which were scored in 2 games , .
This tells me that the defence won us a few games.
In the few games ( I believe that he had 4 starts ) that Sunseri played ( 6 and 3 for the year ) in he was 4 TDs and 3 IN and 3 rushing TDs ?
Durant has already stated that he would like to see a QBs coach for next year.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]
Speculation continues to envelop the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who are seemingly poised to make major alterations to their coaching staff.

George Cortez is apparently out as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach - not even two years after his arrival incited considerable blaring of trumpets. A source confides that Paul LaPolice is the Riders' first choice to succeed Cortez. Plan B would be Jacques Chapdelaine.

Why won't Cortez return? It is whispered that Cortez's rapport with quarterback Darian Durant was not the best, and that the retention of the offensive co-ordinator would have deterred star slotback Weston Dressler from re-signing as a free agent.

There are also reports that defensive co-ordinator Richie Hall could be on his way out, a move that one source indicated may lead to the promotion of defensive backs coach Barron Miles or linebackers coach Brad Miller. Also consider the availability of Mike Benevides, a defensive guru who was recently cashiered as the B.C. Lions' head coach.

As for the special teams, the future of co-ordinator Bob Dyce is also uncertain.

But this much is certain: Regardless of who ends up on the CFL team's coaching staff in 2015, they must have upgraded personnel at their disposal.

Brendan Taman, the vice-president of football operations and general manager, is principally responsible for ensuring that the Green and White's roster is once again of championship calibre.

Director of player personnel Craig Smith must also play a critical role in the restoration of the Roughriders.

Taman and Smith provided head coach Corey Chamblin with a talent-laden team in 2013 and, for that, kudos were warranted.

In 2014, however, the Roughriders fell short in several crucial areas. Injuries, free-agent departures and the Ottawa Redblacks' expansion draft did not help matters, but those factors do not absolve Taman and Smith of some responsibility for the Roughriders' regression this past season.

Even when the team was purring along with an 8-2 record, something wasn't quite right.

The passing game, which was so potent in 2013, was often an eyesore in times of triumph.

Foot and back injuries sustained by two-time 1,000-yard slotback Chris Getzlaf impeded the offence. So did the absence of Dressler, who missed Saskatchewan's first eight regular-season games while trying out for the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs.

However, the best teams overcome such issues - a shining example being the Calgary Stampeders, whose receiving corps was banged up for most of the 2014 season. Nonetheless, Calgary boasted a 15-3 record and ended up winning the Grey Cup.

Heading into the 2014 season, the Roughriders were hoping that erstwhile NFLers Brett Swain and Chaz Schilens would help to reduce the impact of Dressler's departure. Schilens proved to be a non-factor. Swain was used intermittently, and sometimes effectively, but he was not a game-changer.

It is imperative that Dressler be re-signed. But even with him in the lineup, the Roughriders' receiving corps is unexceptional. Another game-breaker would be welcomed.

The tailback situation must also be addressed. Anthony Allen led the 2014 Roughriders with 930 rushing yards, the second-highest total in the league. Even so, Allen is not the answer. He is a solid back, but not someone around whom opposing defensive co-ordinators tailor their game plans.

This isn't merely the assessment of one rumpled scribe. Chamblin's actions speak volumes with regard to his perception of the tailbacks, and Allen in particular. Chamblin kept looking for someone better, but to no avail.

Well now in the LP they are saying Cortez is officially out.

I really hope they do keep Hall. Ask me if I would have said that three years ago and I would have laughed in your face. Hall has turned the defense around though and with a new OC and possibly a new ST coach it would be wise to keep some unit together
and functioning. I have no beef with Hall at all for the defense over the last two seasons. Yes there is always room to get better but considering the situation the defense was in all year they were the only real bright light on this team this year.

A safe assumption is that Hall leaving would not be solely a team choice.

I have no beef with Hall at all for the defense over the last two seasons. Yes there is always room to get better but considering the situation the defense was in all year they were the only real bright light on this team this year.
the average time of possession this year was 24.14 min only Ottawa had less at 23.38 and Toronto lead the league with 35.07.

the average time of possession this year was 24.14 min only Ottawa had less at 23.38 and Toronto lead the league with 35.07.
And 2nd least 1st downs on O, and 2nd most their ineptness on O was a big part of that

I have always said Durrant was a poor passer ,stat's don't lie
we need a quarterback more than ever

Lol you couldn't wait to take another shot at Durant could you. Man how good you must feel seeing the team lose with him out.
Oh wait they were 8-2 with him in and 2 -8 without him. Hmmm that would almost contradict what you are saying. Oh right because your wrong and the stats as you say prove it. 8-2 is much better then 2-8 in my books anyways. Go cheer for the Stamps you probably do anyways.

well said Jimmy!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin:

You are correct, stats don't lie. Durant's stats have continually improved, and in 2013 he had sensational stats. In 2014 his numbers were down, as there were league wide, but they were still solid. It is funny that even the biggest DD haters have changed their tune over the past year, but there is the odd person that just refuses to open their eyes and see that he is a great QB that who the players put it all out there for and can step up and carry the load at times. I guess some people expect every QB to be Tom Brady or Warren Moon or something, and can't appreciate that they have a QB that most teams would scoop in in the blink of an eye and laugh in your face over it.