Cortez needs to be fired! Maybe the whole lot!

My guess is Benevides to the Riders as oc, Cortez to Ottawa as oc and Dickenson to BC as HC. I would also like to see Dyce gone. Our special teams cost us a few games this season imo.

OMG and HELL NO!!! Beneviedes would be a really,really,really, big step in the wrong direction. Lions offense sucked last year. Wow I would rather Gainer be the OC before Beneviedes. That is a perfect example of getting someone who is a bum.

I would far rather Cortez then Beneviedes. Now go and wash your mouth with soap for even suggesting the idea. Seriously Prairie dog would have a total melt down (all right he wouldn't be the only one) if they got him.

He has developed some good players as an OC. His offenses outside this year have always been near the top of the league.

Sorry but the guy comes across as a buffoon. Yelling at the refs and going on the field. I seriously seriously hope the Riders are not stupid enough to get him. His offenses have been near the top due to the players they had. Last year and this year they have been anything but good. I would rather they promote Bartel to be the OC before Beneviedes and I can't begin to tell you how bad I want him gone. Hell promote a beer vendor to the position before hiring Beneviedes. Hell promote the beer vendor's mom before Beneviedes. Double hell promote the beer vendor's mom's dead cat before Beneviedes.

So dont hire a coordinator who has proven capable to have very good offenses year in and year out because he yells at the refs? Good argument. :roll: Lulay was having an excellent season before his injury last season.

Look at the Lions ever since he took over as Hc and he was a defensive coordinator before that so why would you promote him to an oc with zero experience? Geez that would be like putting the beer vendor's mom's dead cat in charge. In other words he had very very little to do with the lions offense's success in the past.

Really? Thought he was oc. That wouldnt make much sense.

Nope he was the dc and before that a special teams coach that is why I had a hard time thinking he would even be considered.

So like I said Lapo is the only real deal candidate I can think of and I don't know if that is realistic,although he does have ties with the Riders and it would be a hell of a coup

There are some guys in the CFL right now that I would be strongly considering as our new OC should the need arise (Please let Cortez be gone!).

Jeff Garcia - If he doesn't move to OC over Dinwiddie in Montreal the Riders should be instantly contacting him and offering him a job! Since he took over as OC in Montreal they are winning with a below average QB at the helm due to great play calling and defense. We have the defense, we just need the play calling on offense.

Ryan Dinwiddie - This is in the case that Jeff Garcia moves to OC. I have been impressed with the game Montreal calls and if he can bring that here I would be all for it!

Marcus Crandell - Has worked with Durant as a QB coach before, and has some time as an OC under his belt in Edminton. I thought he was a pretty solid OC so I would be more than willing to give him a shot.

Khari Jones - Again has prior experience with Durant and a guy who I believe would know how to call a game for us. As well as he does have a year of OC under his belt.

oh well another season has gone by and the boys tried but came up short, we will be better next year for it. not really to interested in watching anymore but Christmas is coming so see yu next year go riders' go esks sorry to say

Well time will tell in Montreal with what will transpire there. AC has made it no secret that he would like to be involved in coaching.... So could Garcia potentially become available? I'm not sure if Garcia would be ready to be an OC yet, but I thought the same of Dinwiddie.

I think Lapolice would be the strongest choice, but I would also be OK if they gave a guy like Garcia a shot at it too. If they hire someone like Garcia, then I would suggest keeping someone like Dyce around who has some experience. I just don't want Dyce as the ST coordinator

I'd give Garcia a shot in a heartbeat, and I tend to think he will be receiving multiple offers. Heck, I won't be shocked if he lands in BC as a HC.

YesI agree about Garcia being a decent choice. Think I would prefer Lapo because of his experience but Garcia isn't a stranger to the CFL and he could bring a new look for the team.

Not a huge LaPolice fan myself. He is a pretty mediocre play caller as far as I am concerned, he has minimal imagination and is one of the worst short yardage play callers the riders have had in a long time, and that's saying something when you have had Doug Berry calling plays for you!

I'd rather go with someone who has different ideas and someone who calls a different game from the last many guys we have had. We have always been a team who has relied on the run and lived and died with big passing plays, I'd like to see someone come in here and be a pass first run second guy who sticks mostly to short passes.

Oh C'mon if. You don't go from quarter back coach to HC. tell me you had about 6 rum and cokes before making that comment, lol!!

I am more than willing to gamble on a person if I feel they are the right person. It might equate to a season of big growing pains, but I am fine with that. It is not like Garcia hasn't developed his coaching abilities in other manners, so he is a rarity in a decision like this. Ideally, yes he should spend a couple of years as an OC, but he essentially has spent one now. Personally I would be on the phone now attempting to offer him a 3 year OC spot instead of the typical 1 year.

Well sure..OC I could see, just not HC. And BC, used to winning, I don't think would gamble on him being HC this soon...or any team for that matter.

I’ve heard, unofficially, that Dyce is gone as well and already locked up a position elsewhere.

Well according to rumors on TSN Garcia will not be back with the Als next year and Calvillio will be the new OC there. They go on to say that BC is interested in Garcia as a head coach but of course can't confirm that until after the game today.

I could see them being interested in making him the OC in BC but would be a bit surprised if he is up for head coach. Garica may be good at coaching qb's and would probably make a good OC but his lack of overall coaching may be a issue in being a head coach. I would hope the Riders would or have got on the phone to him and offered an interview at least as the OC.

I'll be OC, FFS. I might only be able to draw up 8 plays but at least I'll mix them up and adjust them with wrinkles. What good is a huge playbook if you only ever use the first 2 pages?