Cortez needs to be fired! Maybe the whole lot!

Pretty weak effort coaching staff, unexcusable game plans. Ever since Durant went down the Riders have been horrible! You cannot rely so much on one player. You must develop depth and contingency plans! Failing to plan is planning to fail!
The biggest issues have been:
1)They've not developed a viable backup QB. You cannot rely on having your QB1 healthy. Calgary, Edmonton, AND BC have done this.
2) They've not developed game plans to allow the backups successful.
3) They've abandoned the run game when they needed it the most (especially today!)
4) They've not allowed the backups develop and make mistakes. Why waste reps on Joseph who will not be here next year? All those reps were wasted and would have been better spent on Sunseri or Doege. I guarantee that either of those 2 wouldn't have thrown up 5. Sunseri actually moved the ball not too badly
5) Milo needs to go, he can't punt and he can't kick. You need a good one of both in this league. There must be someone out there that's better than Milo.
6) The play calling and execution on 3rd and short has been embarrassing! If you can't get a yard and a half on 3rd downs in CFL you might as well pack it in.
I could go on but it's getting late, I'm just so disappointed and discouraged with the lack of leadership and direction from the coaching staff as a whole! :frowning:

well said

A bit drastic I would say to think we need a complete over haul after winning the Grey Cup just last year. Yes I agree there is room for improvement and I'm sure if things don't change then all things will be considered next year in the off season.
I'm sure the players,coaches and all the Rider staff feel far worse then we do about this season after all it's their careers and their sweat and hard work that is all for naught right now.
The sun will still rise tomorrow and a child will be born and someone will die but life goes on. As hard as it is to watch the team lose its not the end of the world and hopefully next year we will have better results. Their is only one team that stands at the end of the season so to expect it to be our team every year is a bit unrealistic. While I hate to see the Riders lose I will still
cheer them on and take pride in being a Rider fan.

Yes all true but that's probably the attitude of the coaching staff that got us into that mess yesterday. No big deal if we lose.No sense of urgency! If the coaches would have had their stuff together we probably would have won that game. Pretty frustrating to say you're losing a football game because your coaches haven't been on the ball. Sorry to say that in pro sports coaches are hired to be fired. Pro sports is a results oriented business.

En lisant ceci, j'ai immédiatement eu des souvenirs de la saison 2013 des Alouettes.

Dès que Calvillo est tombé, les Alouettes sont devenus une équipe insipide. Une bonne défensive, mais une attaque complètement incohérente. Deux belles performances (dont celle de Neiswander contre les Roughriders), mais tout ce qui est souligné plus haut, nous l'avons vécu en 2013 et début 2014.

Je pense que ça illustre la difficulté de prospective dans la LCF, surtout au poste de quart.

En fait, les Roughriders avaient un très bon second à Durant. Trop bon, peut-être, et c'est pour ça qu'ils l'ont perdu aux Blue Bombers. Il est déjà assez difficile de bien identifier un bon propect au poste de quart, et de bien le former pour qu'il soit prêt lorsqu'on pourrait avoir besoin de lui, c'est presque impossible d'en former 2.

Neiswander était chez les Alouettes depuis 3 ans, mais on n'avait pas le temps de pouvoir être patients avec lui. On a cru que Troy Smith pourrait faire de belles choses après avoir eu un échantillon de ses capacités l'an dernier. Mais on ne pouvait pas se douter à ce moment là que le gars était paresseux. On a donné la chance à Brink par pure formalité car je crois que le plan, lorsque les Alouettes sont allés chercher Crompton, était de le mettre sur le terrain dès qu'il serait presque prêt.

La différence, c'est que les Roughriders ne sont pas en situation de succession au quart. Ils ont un quart de concession. Un bon quart sur qui ils peuvent compter pour plusieurs autres saisons. Donc, la recette pour aller chercher quelqu'un est bien différente. Il n'est pas aussi facile de trouver un bon candidat qui acceptera de demeurer substitut que de trouver un bon candidat pour prendre un poste qui demeure à saisir.

True that is the nature of the job but my point is while yes things did not go well yesterday it can't completely be blamed on the coaches. Players need to execute their jobs and some did not yesterday. The coaches can be questioned on those players that they chose and what roles they performed but in the end if the best play calling is not executed correctly then it wouldn't matter who was calling it or what the plays were. Players make plays not coaches.

Yes I agree that Cortez needs to either change his attitude or look for other employment. Cory needs to get more involved if he isn't happy with the offensive game plan and make sure it is his call. If things then go wrong then yes Tahman has to look at who is running things.

Yes I agree some coaching staff should be unemployed as of today and I certainly wouldn't hesitate on getting rid of our O line coach and our special teams coach. Special teams have allowed far too many scores and yesterday it cost them the game as that was the only major Edmonton scored and we lost by 8 points. Big difference in needing a field goal to win or a touch down and a two point convert just to tie.

The biggest issue I have with George is is unwillingness to change a game plan on the fly. It seems he goes into a game and then sticks to his guns no matter what. That is a big issue in my books. Successful teams change when things are not working with the game plan they had come in with and that was the issue yesterday. Cortez came out with a passing plan and stuck to it until the bitter end which is completely on him and also Cory for not making him change at half time.

Most teams will go into the locker room and if things are not working the at least attempt something else. This wasn't done and the results were almost inevitable. I give the defense full credit for even keeping it close because in reality our offense just plain out sucked. With KJ throwing picks in rapid succession and Tino going for the home run time and time again or else holding the ball so long he got nailed the Riders scoring points was doomed from the second possession on.

I am a strong Durant supporter but it did raise an eyebrow when it was reported that physically he was ready to play but mentally he was not. Now that could all be smoke and mirrors in hope that he would be ready for the western final when actually he wasn't ready for this game physically but if it is true then I have to say you are a professional athlete and you are paid to play if you can. It's not like it would be any easier against the stamps stepping in cold and thinking it's going to be different or easier. You have to trust yourself and the doctors if you are physically good to go and get back on the bike and go for a ride. There are no training wheels to put on at this time of year so just get on and pedal as hard as you can. You either go for a long ride or you fall flat on your face. Not much in between the two.

Exactly. All very good points. We were babdly outcoached ever since Durant went down. All of our eggs were in his basket. With the core of WRs and RBs that we have it shouldn't have been too hard to be respectable. We were totally and utterly lost after DD went down and the coaching staff really didn't do anything positive to guide us out of the woods. We fumbled around and fumbled around and fumbled around. Sunseri at times was good, but he was inconsistent, which is to be expected from a rookie QB. Give the kid a chance and let him play. Even when Joseph won the Cup for us we got lucky that Winnipeg had to start Dinwiddie in place of Glenn, otherwise it might have been a very different outcome. Joseph certainly didn't light it up. He wasn't that great back then and that was 7 years ago. I really believe that complacency set in with the coaching staff and they figured they got a bye this season just because we won the Cup last season at our field. We were all fat and sassy this year. Look at what Higgins and Austin and Jones have done this year. This is a "what have you done for me lately" situation.

I completely agree and have said so since September.

x2. Cortez has got to get a big, fat, bolded, capitalized, underlined, Grade """""F""""" for his performance review this year. No ifs, ands or buts, about it.. Mr. "My way or the highway". The game has clearly passed him by. Time to move on to another venture.

who do you replace Cortez with ?

Exactly what I have been saying. Unless you know someone better for the position then I can't see them changing. Now having said that Cortez may not want to be the OC next year and may look to get a head coaching job again ala BC?

Benevides has been fired so that leaves the door open if Cortez decides he want to be a head coach. Cory hinted their could be changes in the coaching staff either from other opportunities or for other reasons. Whats the odds on Cortez being offered it?
I say about a 60% chance myself.

Are you kidding me?? After what he brought to the table this year Here is a quick list.

Homer Simpson
Peter Griffin

If you want some football experience;
Paul Lapolice (Again)

Bob Dyce ( I'm blaming special team play this year on serious lack of kicking talent provided to him by Taman) When he was O.C. 2 years ago Durant had one of his best seasons and the team was fun to watch. I would think he get's Durants vote if Cortez is gone. They seemed ready to mesh big time and were ready for year 2 together before Chamblin got all Ga Ga about old Stubborn, Cranky, my way or the highway, Cortez calling Chamblain and demanding his payback for Chamblains promotion in Hamilton when Cortez was head coach there.

IMO you try hire Lapolice.... He was OC for 2009 & 2010 Grey Cup (losses), but he know has a more experienced DD. He seems like a players coach, and IMO, was wrongly released in Winnipeg by Joe Mack who found him no talent at all....

Lapolice will make a very good choice as OC but will he be more interested in BC now that Benevides is gone ?
Durant has also stated that he wants a dedicated QB's coach, ,
do you bring back Khari Jones as Durant has had his most productive seasons with him ?

Cortez to BC.... Wally was really trying to get him there last year, but George did not want a "lateral" move. Now George has the chance to be a Head Coach again... So hopefully the Lions alleviate our problem!

I would think that if Cortez did become the Head Coach in BC, that Khari would remain there as they have worked together before. The only issue in BC right now is a clear lack of who the starting QB will be... I'm Not sure if Lulay will ever play again

Cortez is apparently turfed but waiting for appropriate timing for the announcement...aka post GC

Interesting. Still whether its true or not I think Chamblin needs to take a more active role in all aspects of the team. To me it seemed like the offense was Cortez to run which is fine IF everything is working but if during a game the game plan is not working then Cory needs to tell Cortez or whoever at half time to make changes. If he or anyone refuses to do so then they are done.

Having guys run different parts of the game is normal but as the head coach the bottom line is what he wants should be the way its run. After all if the team loses in the end it falls on his head.

I'd be pretty shocked if this didn't happen. This came from about as reliable of a source as possible, who no...I can not name. I will say this person signs the odd paycheck so to speak, so unless there is a very dramatic conversation and swing in attitude it is done. I personally am torn on this because I know how good Cortez can be. There are times he calls games that are stunning, and I love his playbook, but he also closes that and does some really weird things.

I agree there is no doubt he has the knowledge it is just how he applied it or more how he didn't this year that was the issue. He is a stubborn old bird and to a point that is fine but when it costs you games or a chance at a playoff game that is not going to fly.

The issue I have always siad I don't care if they keep him or let him go but who is it that they would get to replace him and would that be a better fit or is it a knee jerk reaction to the way the season ended? If they have someone that they know or want to get (ie lapo) then great get it done but if we end up with a coordinator that is a bum then are we any better off or even worse?