Cortez Named OC !!!

Enough said a huge championship move. Bob Dyce is staying on board with the riders and a move for Offensive Coordinator the Special teams coordinator would seem to be the logical move as a former special teams coach and Canadian football veteran coach for 20 years at CIS, Junior, and CFL level. He is getting paid a coordinators salary but a better fit as ST Coordinator.

I never gave any thought that Cortez would be hired as an OC. The news was a surprise and now that I have pondered over it; this is an intriguing and interesting move by the Riders. Durant is excited about working with Cortez, who does have a lot of Offensive experience/knowledge about the game of football.

Nobody saw this one coming but as Chambalain said it it was just too good to pass up. listening to the Sportscage today I was surprised that no one brought up the possibility that Bob Dyce would move to the Special Teams coach as I have mentioned above. Dickenson bolted out of no where and Dyce has coached canadian football for 20 years and was a special teams coach in the past and he knows the players. SO under Dyce the Special teams would continue to thrive.

this should be intresting in hamilton cortez was rather quiet with the players any bad plays and he just smiled kind of like darian does there must e a shortage of QBs and coaches for the cfl

Cortez was more quiet than normal, probably to show the team he's a HC and a leader. He did lose it a couple of times though. Hopefully he brings the passion and a continually changing offensive attack on offense. Some vision on Offense will be nice.