Cortez joins Bills

Geez. Who saw this coming? This sucks for Calgary... :? ...but on the bright side, things just got a whole lot better for Edmonton! :stuck_out_tongue:

It puzzles me a bit. If he was looking for a move, he could have taken a step up to the head coaching job in either Winnipeg or Toronto; pass those opportunities up for a step down to a mere QB coach on a dreadful team with really no QB worth coaching?

Not a move I'd care to make. . . but then no one offered it to me !

I agree, MadJack. Definitely a puzzling move. The only thing worse would've been joining the Raiders. :?

...can't say I see the logic either, perhaps it is simply money that is motivating Cortez....sad to see him go, but not particularily worried (much to Chief's chagrin), as our offense that has been a squad together for a number of years now is returning for 2010 more or less intact and should gel rather quickly regardless of who the OC is...I doubt Hufnagel is going to permit a wholesale philosophical change in the offensive scheme...I envision the conversation going something like this:

Hufnagel: Welcome (insert new OC name here), glad to have you on board, here is the playbook.
(insert new OC name here): You know John, I have a couple of new ideas I'd like to institute with Henry and the boys, what do you think about these here new schemes I've drafted up (unfolds paper, holds them out for review)

(insert new OC name here): Um, er......ah......okay, I get the picture....

Am I the only one who thinks Huffer looks like a beaver in that picture? :lol:

I don't think the Stamps will have to look very far to find their next OC. 8)

You wait... Now that he has worked in the matter how bad he does...when he comes back teams will be dieing to sign him to a 500K contract as a GM...
For players like Kenton Keith and Casey Printers... The true finacial reward occured when they returned to the CFL.... Teams fawed over them throwing them big cash.
CFL teams are like..."Oh you worked in the mighty NFL? I going to give it up to you on the first date!!!! at any price........"

so with cortez gone... bauer is in... Mike kelly as our new O.C.?

This begs the question Red, is all well in Cowtown?
First it was and still may be Barker trying to get out, now Cortez with this curious move. Also, almost forgot Ackles.
Is Huff difficult to work with?

...not that I have ever hear, I mean he is no pushover and will expect results from people, but no more difficult to work with than say Buono or certainly do not see free agent players fleeing the coop, in fact our team is relatively intact from last year, which says a lot about the mgmt in place....I think the reasons for the various departures and exploring are:

a) Barker - Jim has hit a ceiling with the organization. He is well-liked and is doing a great job finding talent but the reality is that is all he will be doing here for the foreseeable future unless Huf departs, and that isn't happening soon. He interviewed for the Winnipeg GM position with the Stampeders blessing, so I don't see hard feelings on either side there.

b) Cortez - Still a mystery why he'd choose to leave, but I haven't heard it was because of any animosity between him and Huf. If is was they sure keep it to themselves, something gentlemen should do. And if that's the case it couldn't be too bad. My thoughts on why Cortez left are either for money or he is looking to become an NFL OC eventually, and with no club willing to install him automatically to that role given his relative obscurity in the NFL coaching ranks he choose to take a QB Coach position as a way in the door.

c) Ackles - This is the easiest to explain. Ackles is from Vancouver. His entire extended family lives in the lower mainland. He worked for years in his father's footsteps and now that his father's old position is for all intents and purposes open in BC I think it is only a matter of time before Braley elevates him to that role. I saw his departure coming weeks before he left (even called it, ask jm02 and Chief) so this one was no surprise at all. summary, I don' think Huf is any worse to work with than most GM/Coaches in the league and isn't driving good men away because of his personality or mgmt system...

That might make some sense. . . but on the other hand, look at it this way.

He's going to be working with a bad team; with no decent QB to 'coach'; under a head coach with a pretty poor track record (Chan Gailey who failed as HC in Dallas and got fired as OC in Kansas City); uncertainty about ownership.

Not the best way to get your foot in the door, it seems to me. If an OC position in the NFL truly is his goal, stepping up to be a head coach in this league would I suspect earn him more chances later on in the NFL than going to that league now and being a QB coach on a bad team with no QB and working under a head coach with a questionable record. His resume won't be as impressive as it might have been had he taken a HC job here and done well at it.

On the other other hand, however, it may well be that he personally believes he isn't cut out to be a head coach. He's been looked at a few times over the years for a HC position in the CFL and never gotten one, and it seems to me it is usually because he turns the offer down. . . so maybe he just doesn't want to be a head coach.

I agree, coaching Winnipeg would've opened more doors. You look at Austin, he came here, led the Riders to a GC, then became the OC for a college team, and now he's the HC of a college team. Sort of the same thing with Trestman. He's had great success in Montreal, and as a result, he's in the running every year to be the HC of the Raiders. Definitely a head scratcher...

And I agree with what you said, red. I can see Huf demanding the best from his team, but I can't see him being a hard ass.

Oh, I think he was a hard ass to an extent. . . and to just the right extent that the team he took over needed it. When he took over there were more than one rather loosey goosey free spirits on that team. . . Huf installed some much needed discipline.

In THAT picture?