Cortez Joins Bills as Quarterbacks Coach

The Globe and Mail website reports that Calgary Stampeders offensive coodinator George Cortez has joined the coaching staff of the Buffalo Bills as their new quarterbacks coach.

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This is a sure sign that Greg Marshall will be the new head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

But are they correct this time??

First we heard that Milanovich was going to be the guy in Toronto.

Then it was that Milanovich wasn't going to be the guy, and that it was between Cortez and Berry.

Now they're back to Milanovich again.

I'll wait until I see some official announcements.

8) Well, apparently Cortez has signed with the Bills, and that is official.
  On the other hand that article is a joke also because it states that Doug Berry was the OC of Montreal last year !!

  Some very comprehensive reporting there, I must say.     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Well it isn't official yet. . . it just quotes "Sources". . . and if those are the same sources that told him Doug Berry was OC in Montreal last year, then it's worth as much as later in the article when it says Berry has been offered the job in Toronto.

Worthless, sloppy reporting. . . shame Mr Naylor I expect better from you.

....i agree MadJack.....worthless is too kind....Can Naylor be so out of touch that he didn't know Berrys last gig was coach of the Bombers....I know we're trying to forget it...but Naylor definitely has.. :thdn: :lol:

Cortez was interviewed by the Bombers but chose to go in another direction....Interviewed by the argos and chose to go in another direction....He could end up in Buffalo.... but if i were nfl bound...i might want to choose to go in another direction... :lol:

Naylor is a good reporter who keeps a pretty close eye on CFL happenings. He simply made a mental mistake by typing Doug Berry when he meant Scott Milanovich. The two names have appeared side by side in numerous reports on the Toronto situation. He knows who's who.

I agree with ottawacat on that, just an honest mistake on Naylor's part here.

....i know the spelling of the names are so close....easy mistake i guess... :lol:

The globe is about as accurate as the 14 day forcast on the weather network. The Globes journalists are too lazy to have reliable insider sources.

They've corrected the article. . . but not the way you suggested. They are sticking to the story of Berry being offered the job, just changed the article to reflect that he was a former Montreal OC and former Winnipeg HC.

So it was really sloppy. . .

Cortez will have his work cut out for him trying to get more out of the qb's currently on the Bills roster.

And now they've gone and "corrected" the article yet AGAIN. . . now they're back to saying it's Milanovich:

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I as well liked Naylor. . . but man this was REALLY sloppy reporting today.

What a mess! I'll stick with my support of Dave Naylor as a good CFL source. I believe he made the slip of names in the original article, but the following screw-ups would have been the editors not understanding the correction he, or someone else who noticed it, was trying to have made.
Overall, Dave comes out looking like an idiot to those who follow the CFL thanks, at least 50%, to others in the Globe Sports Dept.

yeah , but that’s why the QB coach is so important right now for the Bills - the draft is coming up and the Bills’ have a nineth pick and there are a few QB’s that are expected 2 go in the first couple of rounds(1-3).

outside of that

  • Edwards (injury issues??I think he is falling into the JP Losman/Bledsoe/Rob Johnson/Todd Collins Category)
    -Fitzpatrick (could be a serviceable back-up QB; hard 2 say otherwise,he never had much of a training camp etc…)
    -Brian Brohm ( i really only know one thing about him - he got picked up because of late season injuries)

If it were up 2 me the Bills would work out some sort of trade w/ Cleveland 2 get Brady Quinn in Buffalo and make him the automatic starter going into training camp. He 's a beast but he’s got 2 get out of Cleveland that franchise is killing his career…