Cortez is the O.C.

For the first year anyway.

Quote from him.

Not naming any other assistants today.


Cortez being the OC for the 1st year is great news!

There's no need for assistants to be announced today - Cortez and Burris is enough.
I'm sure within the next week or two, we'll hear something.

Wouldn't mind seeing Marshall back as D-coordinator.

All very interesting and exciting!

I'll still pass on Marshall.

We gave up way too many big plays with him.

Not a Chamblin guy either.

I'm just saying I hope whoever it is uses all of the players to their abilities and strengths.

How successful have other head coaches been in this dual role? Calling the plays, developing younger QBs like Porter and Boltus, head coaching the whole team and managing the roster. This sounds like quite the responsibility for one guy. Might Cortez be spreading himself a little thin?

I'm fine with it for the first year, as long as he has some young buck on the staff (as QB coach, receivers' coach, assistant O/C, whatever), that he grooms to take over that role the following season. He's got a good track record as an O/C in this league so I'm fine with it. . . but if he is going to do both jobs, then he does need a really well qualified D/C so he doesn't have to pay much attention to that side of things. I'd still want Etcheverry. . . but it might not be a good fit, Cortez strikes me as a button down no nonsense kind of guy, not sure how he'd take to some of Etch's wild and wacky schemes on D. . . while I as well wouldn't really care to have Marshall return in that role, on a personal level he might fit in with Cortez better. We shall see. . .

I would love to get Marshall back.

During his two seasons here we had the second best defense in terms of points allowed.

In response to your question:
" Might Cortez be spreading himself a little thin?"
As the architect of the 'spread offense' - I think not...

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Word on the street is Bressi was the scapegaot for Lapo's anemic offense in the Pig!

In responding to the previous submissions on this thread, I’m inclined to agree that Cortez might
be spreading himself a little thin. In fact, I’d bet on it.

He has only been away from the CFL for a couple of seasons apart from watching some Friday night
footbal but he has a lot of catching up to do just to learn the ropes of becoming a head coach for
the first time in his career.

I’m sure he would be more than up to handling two of the three jobs he’s taking on, but I wouldn’t
make any bets on how well he’ll do with the entire three job load.

Isn't this multifaceted mixture of roles kind of what Matt Dunigan did in Calgary? That didn't work out all that successfully.

I can't believe the announcement hasn't dried on tomorrows Spec and the so called "Forum fan base" second guesses a new head coach with 30+ years of experience. I believe he knows what he's doing more than anyone that is on on this forum today, been on the forum since it's inception and anyone who dares to enter assuming they'd find something positive to be said.
Absolutely brutal fans in the forum these days.


I think it's quite different.

Here we have Cortez saying he's seen successful models of football management structures, and sought, and received, just that. He's been around.

IIRC, Dunigan was thrust into a situation and forced into multiple roles due to finanacial constraints. Doubly inhibiting as he had no experience coaching, whereas Cortz has been around coaching for 3 decades and knows what works, what doesn't and what's needed. Dunigan did not aks for thjat particular situation.

Am I remembering correctly.

BTW, I have no problem with anyone expressing concerns or questioning anyone. This is exactly why this forum exists.

Comparing Cortez coaching resume to Dunnigan is a little silly. Cortez is as good as it gets and much less of a risk than Dickenson or Burke. Can't wait to see who he picks as his assistants. In particular if Mike O'Shea winds up in Hamilton.

@czelkov Chris Zelkovich [i]Sources say special teams co-ordinator Mike O'Shea will return to Toronto Argonauts, with some added duties in 2012. #argos[/i]

As far as Cortez being the O/C, Burris and Cortez have already worked together running a very effective Offence.
A Championship Offence.
They have a great history together.
Those two are probably ahead of most other teams already!
I think our last years tremendous Offence will be even more powerful next season under Cortez, Burris, Dueces and an up and coming receiving corps.

Tressman calls the plays in Montreal Mollanovich was just a pawn !

Don't get me wrong, I like Cortez and here is hope he does well as this will be a great Southern Ontario battle, however I am not so sure it is a good idea as a HC to take on the serious duties of an OC.
It does remind me somewhat of the failed Dunigan year.

You sure about that now? So why would the Argos pursue a guy like that so vehemently if he was just a statue or figurehead on the sidelines?