Cortez hired by Riders as OC

Being an astute offensive tutor, Durant, Dressler, Getzlaf, Sheets et al should have a banner year.

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meanwhile, Mike Sinclair (Riders assistant HC/DL Coach) has joined Trestman with the NFL Bears as an DL coach.

I admire Cortez' love of the game and work. He could have vacationed, while hoping for another chance to be the main guy somewhere, like most other CFL HCs who've been fired in recent years with guaranteed pay cheques still to come.

I assume this means we are on the hook for less money over the balance of his contract with Hamilton. We probably owe him the difference between his HC salary here and what he'll make there, or some buyout valuation of that. Either way, it should save us some money.

DARN, I was hoping George caught on with a NFL club as a QB coach or similar. Now he will have an axe to bury multiple times a season against his ex-team....

You'd have to expect that to be the situation. However, with the rumoured contracts that this club has signed with HC/GMs and name players in recent years, it wouldn't surprise me if Cortez gets it all, regardless.

Should be an interesting season to see how some of these moves develop, some could really come back and bite us in the ass. :oops:

There will be two very interesting questions that can only be answered next season:

  1. Does Sask's offence improve?

  2. Does Hamilton's offence improve?

Actually for me the questions are:

  1. Does Sask's offence improve?

  2. Does Hamilton's offence suffer?

  3. Less filling or tastes great?

Neither of those questions interest me all that much.

For the second year in a row, I'm wondering about Hamilton's defence.


Rod Pedersen in Regina reports that Doug Malone is following Cortez west and will be named the Riders' new OL Coach before the end of January.

I can imagine Stala doing a touchdown celebration in Saskatchewan involving something with a Sharpie!

Sadly,that wouldn't be original...Terrel Owens beat him to that...